Friday, January 18, 2019

Rape Reports in Sweden up 33% in Last Decade

The number of reported rape cases has increased by 33% over the last 10 years, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå), with cases up 8% on the last year alone.  

Brå released preliminary statistics for 2018 this week that showed not only that the number of rape reports increased by 8% on the last year, but that reports of rape against children had increased even more, by 13%, Expressen reports.  

Stina Söderman, a researcher and report author at Brå, commented on the preliminary findings, saying: "We've seen a clear increase in reported rape in recent years."  

According to the agency, 7,840 rapes were reported last year in Sweden, an increase of 614 compared to 2017 and rape reports against children aged 0-17 totalled 3,420. Only in cases of rapes against adult men did the statistics see a decrease compared to the previous year.  

Over the last decade, the total increase in rape reports has been 33% or 44% in the cases of rape against adult women, although some of the increases have been attributed to changes in Swedish law.  

Overall, crime increased by 2% in 2018, with rising crime in most areas and declines in thefts such as pickpocketing and burglary.  

Violence, particularly deadly violence, has been a major issue in Sweden in recent years, with last year seeing a record number of fatal shootings and leading Stockholm police expert Gunnar Appelgren to describe some areas of the country as looking something like a "state at war".  

In the Swedish capital of Stockholm, there's been around 30 fatal shootings over the last 2 years but very few prosecutions due to the nature of the crimes often being related to gang violence. Authorities saw only 8 convictions during the 2-year period.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Migrants stole Swedish woman’s puppies, beat her unconscious and tried to break her neck

A dog breeder in southern Sweden was brutally beaten in connection with a robbery last week. 3 masked men stole her 6 puppies.
Now, several puppy ads written in poor Swedish and at low prices have appeared on various websites.
51-year-old Eivor Nilsson was on her way to let her Golden Retriever puppies out when 3 masked men attacked her, Samhällsnytt reports. The men sprayed red colour in Eivor’s face and hit her on the head with a hard object.
"I’m going to die. Will my life end at 50 like this, I thought before I fainted", Eivor explains.
When she regained consciousness, one of the men tried to break her neck. The attempt was interrupted and instead they duct taped her mouth, eyes, hands and feet while communicating in broken Swedish. "They spoke in a foreign language. There's no doubt about it."
She managed to contact her mom, who called the police and an ambulance. The assault resulted in swelling of the head, a damaged cornea, bruising over the body and a bone fracture.
She says that there's no doubt that the attack was planned. The reason's that she advertised her puppies recently.
And quite rightly – the last few days, several ads with Golden retriever puppies for sale have appeared on the Internet. Common to the ads is a low price and that they're written in poor Swedish.

Illegal Alien Repeatedly Molested Girl For 5 Years, Beginning When She Was 7-Years-Old

POLK COUNTY, Florida (Fox News 13) – Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said his deputies arrested a man for sexually abusing a child for 5 years of her life, starting at the age of 7.  

Judd said the Mexican national, living in Auburndale, Florida, was arrested for allegedly "repeatedly sexually battering and molesting" a girl since she was 7-years-old.  

The man’s wife was reportedly shocked by the allegations but was cooperating fully with the investigation. The pair has an unknown number of kids together.  

The investigation started with a tip from an adult who the girl told about the alleged abuse.  

"There's no words to describe how horrible this is," Sheriff Judd said in a press conference Wednesday.  

Detectives said the child first said 41-year-old Carlos Calderon, who came to the country on a work visa that's since expired, had sexually explicit pictures of a child on his phone. Later, the child said she had been abused by Calderon starting when she was 7 years old.  

Detectives say they found the pictures on his phone, and they found an item in Calderon’s dresser drawer that had been described by the victim as part of the investigation. When interviewed by detectives, Calderon admitted to taking the pictures and the sexual abuse.  

Polk County investigators asked him "how many times he committed a specific type of sexual battery" and he said, "hell I don’t know," according to the sheriff’s office. Judd said Calderon "blamed" the victim for the abuse.  

Calderon's being held in the Polk County Jail on $400,000 bond and 2 counts of no bond. A search of his fingerprints brought back an illegal immigration arrest warrant from the US Department of Homeland Security and according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, ICE is aware of his arrest.  

However, Judd said his goal was to see Calderon imprisoned in the state of Florida for the rest of his life. Calderon has a criminal history includes 8 arrests, including 6 for driving with a non-valid, suspended or revoked driver’s license, probation violation and possession of drug paraphernalia.  

He now faces 8 felonies, including 2 charges of sexual battery of a child, 2 counts of lewd molestation of a child under 12, use of a child in sexual performance, 2 counts of sexual performance by a child and unlawful use of a 2-way communication device.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wisconsin: Nigerian Man Stabbed Wheelchair-Bound Woman 116 Times

SOUTH MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (WISN) – A Nigerian national stabbed a 62-year-old wheelchair-bound woman more than 100 times, leaving her partially disemboweled, court documents obtained by WISN 12 NEWS show.
Kehinde Afolayan, 31, was charged Tuesday with 1 count of 1st-degree intentional homicide in connection with the Friday attack. If convicted of the felony charge, he faces up to life in prison.
The charging document says a witness peered through a window of the apartment on Clarke Avenue after being alerted by his sister to a commotion inside and saw Afolayan stab Deborah Lynch as she sat in her wheelchair.
Responding officers found Lynch sitting motionless in her wheelchair, breathing but unresponsive. A Flight for Life helicopter was called but Lynch passed away before being loaded onto the aircraft, the complaint said.
Officers arrested Afolayan at the apartment after finding him holding a blood-covered undershirt. Investigators said they found 3 bloody knives in and near the building, 1 that was missing the blade.
Afolayan’s Federal Republic of Nigeria identification card was found in the living room, a search warrant said.
Police said they were unable to interview Afolayan because he wasn't communicative, not even providing his name. He was, however, uttering statements such as, "Jesus forgives me."
Lynch’s son, who also lived in the apartment, told officers that Afolayan had been living with them since October. The son wasn't home during the attack, the complaint said.
A medical examiner said Lynch received 116 stabs wounds, most that were to the chest and abdomen.

New cases of child rape revealed in Finland – President says asylum seekers brought evil with them

A number of cases of rape and abuse of children, with foreign perpetrators, have been revealed in Oulu in the northern parts of Finland since last autumn, Fria Tider reports.
The police are investigating another 4 cases with girls under the age of 15, where 3 perpetrators of foreign background have been arrested suspected of rape and serious sexual abuse of children.
In all cases, the suspects have background as refugees or asylum seekers. And now the police in Helsinki have arrested several migrants suspected of serious rape and serious sexual abuse of children. The crimes have been committed in the last 2 months.
No direct link with the cases in Oulu's currently known.
Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipilä wrote on Twitter: "As a result of the inhuman and reprehensible events in Oulu and Helsinki, the Government will meet next week in negotiations both on Tuesday and Friday."
"It's unbearable that people who've asked for and even received asylum from us have brought such evil and caused unsafety here", the country’s President Sauli Niinistö said in a statement.
Helsinki police point out the importance of parents informing their children to be cautious on social media, where the foreign rapists find their victims.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Caught With $850,000 Worth Of Meth And Cocaine In Utah

PROVO, Utah (KUTV) – Utah County authorities arrested a man who's accused of trafficking illegal drugs worth over $850,000, a press release stated.
On January 12, detectives with the Utah County Special Enforcement Team and deputies with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office attempted to stop a car for traffic violations.
Jose Olegario Lopez, 44, didn't stop the car until law enforcement surrounded him.
During an initial search, detectives found a small amount of cocaine on Lopez’s person. Officers and a K9 found a sealed box which contained several individually wrapped packages, a press release stated.
Detectives found 2.35 pounds of cocaine valued at about $106,000. The remaining packages contained 16.7 pounds of methamphetamine, that's a street value of over $750,000.
Lopez’s 16-year-old son was in the car at the time of his arrest. Detectives don't believe the son was involved in the drug trafficking and later released him to his mom, a press release stated.
Agents with the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed Lozpez is an illegal immigrant. He also has 8 aggravated reentry violations.
Lopez was booked into jail on 2 1st-degree felony charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute; a child endangerment charge; for failing to respond to the command of a peace officer; and a class A misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia, according to a press release.
A judge ordered Lopez be held without bail and ICE agents have placed a hold on him.

In 28% Black Indianapolis, blacks are 4 times more likely to die from gun violence, homicide rate at record high for 4th year in a row

For the 4th year in a row, Indianapolis has broken a new criminal homicide record.  

The death of 2 men — who were shot and killed inside a vehicle on the east side late Wednesday — pushed the total dead in 2018 to 156. They joined 5 other men and 1 woman who've been killed so far in December.  

This year's count eclipsed the 155 cases investigated by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department last year and continued an annual climb in criminal homicides that began in 2011. It can create hopelessness at times.  

"Most people don’t think that you can do anything about it," said Rev. Charles Harrison, who for years has tried to curb crime here as a co-founder of the Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition. "You can't get the guns off the street. You’re not able to deal with the issues of poverty and broken families and the hopelessness these kids are feeling."  

For Harrison, who's been involved in anti-crime efforts for about 2 decades, it's clear who pays the highest cost in Indianapolis: black males, particularly those who are younger than 25.  

Young black males are 4 times more likely than everyone else to be victims of criminal homicides in Indianapolis and they're overwhelmingly dying of gunshot wounds.  

IndyStar reached those findings through an analysis of 5 years of homicide and census data. Data from those 5 years, illustrated and explained by a series of graphics, is contained within this story.  

The 2018 number includes all criminal homicide investigations opened by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department detectives in 2018, including a few cases where someone died last year but the deaths were determined to be homicides this year.  

The count doesn't include killings made in self-defense, police action shootings or accidental homicides. Homicides in other parts of Marion County, such as in Lawrence or Cumberland, aren't included.  

In Indianapolis, just as in many other cities struggling with violence, the reality's grim for one particular demographic.  

Young black males, who are under the age of 25, were victims in 34 cases this year. Young white males, by comparison, accounted for 2 victims.  

It matches a years-long trend. Since 2014, just 17 young white males were victims, compared to 175 who were young black males, making up about 25% of all victims.  

Indianapolis has experienced another record-breaking year with a total of 161 homicides being reported. For the 4th year in a row, young Black males under age 25 are the victims in more than 34 cases. 3 of every 4 homicide victims were Black.  

Since 2014, young Black males have been 4 times more likely than anyone else to be victims of homicides. Black male homicides outpaced all other races in every age category. The highest percentage of those killed are in the 18- to 24-year-old age range.

Spain: 14 Muslims arrested for jihad plot, friend says one “has never shown terrorist attitudes, doesn't even pray”

The Mossos d’Esquadra have carried out an antiterrorist operation on Tuesday morning in Barcelona and Igualada to dismantle a jihadist cell. The deployment, that involved a hundred troops, has received the name of Alexandria Operation and there are, for now, 14 detainees.
The investigated cell was formed by criminals who specialized in robberies and other petty crimes and who've been radicalized. It's a group of individuals who intended to perpetrate a terrorist attack.
Sources of the investigation, nevertheless, have assured El Nacional that the group of investigated people "did no have the will or ability" to perpetrate an attack. It's understood, then, that the investigation has deactivated a group of jihadists who began to make plans to commit an attack, but still hadn't accumulated enough ammunition.
Inside the building, no infrastructure or logistical network prepared to commit an attack has been found; nor has there been any evidence to show that a strategy was being followed to plan an attack on a specific site and day.
The Mossos confirm that there were 14 Germans arrested, 1 of them in Igualada.
The searches of the houses of the investigated began before 6 in the morning and one of them, who was arrested on Arc de Sant Cristòfol Street in the neighborhood of Santa Caterina, is suspected to be the head of the cell.
The Mossos have also taken material confiscated from an Arco de Sant Cristòfol apartment in the district of La Ribera.
The detainee’s roommate, who was present at the time of the searches, explained that the police officers entered the building when it was only a few minutes before 5 in the morning. They've lived together in this apartment for a year.
The witness has detailed that the agents didn't know their names and has insisted that his partner "has never shown terrorist attitudes." "He doesn't even pray", he assured reporters. Of course, according to the partner, the arrested man had been arrested previously for "stealing wallets." This roommate also explains that the detainee's of Algerian nationality, has been living in Barcelona for 9 years and is 34 years old

Texas: Muslim migrant couple convicted of keeping girl as slave for 16 years

A couple who enslaved a West African girl at their home in Texas for 16 years have been convicted by a federal jury.
Mohamed Touré, the son of Guinea’s 1st president Ahmed Sékou Touré and his wife Denise Cros-Toure arranged for the child to travel to the US when she was only 5 years old.
They forced her to cook, clean and look after their biological children without pay, beat and whipped her and called her a "dog" and a "slave".
The girl eventually managed to escape from the house in Southlake with the help of concerned neighbours in 2016.
Touré and his wife now face a maximum of 20 years in prison after being found guilty of forced labour, conspiracy to commit alien harbouring and alien harbouring.
The Department of Justice said Touré and his wife were from "powerful, wealthy and politically connected families in Guinea"​ while their victim was "uneducated, impoverished and from a small, rural village".
When the girl’s mom learned the couple had arranged to bring her to the US in January 2000, she unsuccessfully attempted to hide the child.
Once in Texas the couple isolated the girl and prevented her from going to school – unlike their own kids, some of whom were around the same age. Whenever she disobeyed or didn't satisfy the couple’s demands she was physically and verbally abused to maintain her compliance.
The punishments included being whipped with an electrical cord, being hosed down with water in public and being thrown out of the house and forced to sleep alone in a nearby park

‘DREAMER’ Caught Selling Fake Green Cards, Stolen Social Security Numbers

UTAH COUNTY, Utah (The Daily Herald) – After unknowingly selling fake Social Security cards to an undercover agent, a man was sentenced to several weeks in jail and released into the custody of immigration officials in January.  

Court records show Francisco Javier Villasenor-Gomez, 37, entered the country illegally from Mexico and sold fake identification documents in Utah County. Villasenor-Gomez created the government IDs at his Lehi home then used his truck "to store, conceal and transport fraudulent documents to be delivered to persons ordering said documents through him," police reported.  

During the investigation, the undercover agent bought a US Permanent Resident Card and Social Security cards from Villasenor-Gomez on 3 separate occasions.  

The transactions happened at in the parking lot of the Orem FrontRunner Station and the parking lot of the Cinemark theater at the Provo mall, according to a probable cause report.  

Villasenor-Gomez was also employed at a local steakhouse restaurant using a fake Social Security number and earned more than $5,000 in wages, the report stated.  

Investigators determined the Social Security number belonged to another US citizen and Villasenor-Gomez had forged the name as his own on the employment paperwork.  

The Utah Attorney General’s Office spent four months investigating him before Villasenor-Gomez was arrested and charged with 2 counts of producing false identification and 2 counts of possessing forgery writing devices.  

Those charges were dismissed in December after he pleaded guilty to an amended 3rd-degree felony charge of possession of another’s identification documents.  

A 4th District Court judge sentenced Villasenor-Gomez to 60 days in jail with credit given for 43 days served since his arrest in November. He was then released into the custody of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and ordered not to enter the US illegally again.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Poll: America’s Approval Of Trump’s Border Wall at All-Time High

Despite the tirade of media attacks on President Trump and his bid for the southern border wall, a new poll has revealed that the silent majority of Americans backs him.  

Following a joint ABC News/Washington Post poll, more people support the President's wall, something he's promised since even before his presidency.  

34% of American citizens said they supported the US-Mexico border wall a year ago. But that number stands at 42%, the highest yet marked by similar polls. But it looks that a slight majority of Americans still don't back the idea of a wall, but overall, it seems that people are slowly coming round to Trump's perspective. "With 54%, the majority of Americans polled still oppose building a border wall," reported The Washington Examiner.  

"However, that opposition's shrinking, as 63% opposed the wall a year ago and the previous low was 60% 2 years ago." "53% in the national survey said that Trump and the GOP are mainly responsible for the shutdown, while 29% blamed congressional Democrats," ABC News reported.  

"13% said both equally are at fault." Last week, we reported the Pentagon was already making preparations in the event of President Donald Trump ordering the military to build the southern wall, a defense official has said. Trump recently hinted that he might take this course of action in the light of an impasse in negotiations with Democrats resulting in the government shutdown. The President traveled to the border area to meet with law enforcement officials:  

"The damage was done to our country from a badly broken border — drugs, crime and so much that's bad — is far greater than a shutdown, which the Dems can easily fix as they come back to Washington!" he posted on Sunday.  

The poll also revealed that only a small percentage of Americans are inconvenienced by the partial government shutdown, despite left-leaning outlets doing their best to dominate the headlines.  

"Only 18% in this poll … said they’ve personally been affected by the partial shutdown," ABC News reported. But only 7% of Americans said it was a "major inconvenience."  

But as Western Journal reported: It raises a point that conservatives and libertarians have been asking for a while:  

If the vast majority of citizens can’t even tell the difference between the fully-funded government and one that's "partially shut down," why are we spending so much every year on the paychecks of bureaucrats?  

Every government shutdown's an exciting opportunity to ask just how much of the often bloated federal government's required and how much has grown too big for its britches.  

The real takeaway of this poll, however, is that the media spin just isn’t resonating with the American people. There's many examples of talking heads openly mocking the president’s stance on the border and acting as if he’s a man alone on this issue.

RECORD: 771 Migrants Apprehended at Texas Border on Day After Trump’s Visit

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector reported a new daily record for the number of migrants apprehended after illegally crossing in 2019. The record comes 1 day after President Donald Trump’s visit to the South Texas border region.

Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector agents reported the apprehension of a record-setting 771 migrants on Friday after President Trump visited the area 1 day earlier. The apprehensions mark a record-setting day from the sector and eclipsed the 456 apprehensions from the day before his visit.  

"771 apprehensions in a single day is a glaring indicator of the need for additional border security resources in South Texas," RGV Acting Chief Patrol Agent Raul Ortiz said in a written statement. "Friday’s numbers support the President’s assertion that the current state of the border remains porous. There's currently not enough infrastructure to adequately address the hundreds of illegals who cross here every night."  

Ortiz recently succeeded Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla, who received a promotion late last year to head the Joint Task Force-West in San Antonio.  

Chief Ortiz briefed the president during his visit to the sector on January 10 on the need for additional fencing/walls in the region. In November and December 2018, the Trump administration awarded at least 3 contracts to build new barriers, add permanent gates between current fencing segments and upgrade existing barrier infrastructure.  

The RGV Sector is continuously the most active sector for the apprehension of migrants who cross the border — often accounting for over 60% of total border apprehensions. A very large percentage of those apprehensions are unaccompanied minors and family units, according to the latest Southwest Border Migration Report published by US Customs and Border Protection.  

On the day before Trump’s visit to the region, agents apprehended 456 migrants and on the day of the president’s visit, 391. RGV officials reported an average of about 400 per day in the days leading up to the presidential visit.

Canada plans to welcome over 1,000,000 new immigrants in the next 3 years

The population of Canada's 36.71 million. The population of the US is 325.7 million. So this would be comparable to the US bringing in 8,700,000 immigrants, roughly the entire population of the state of Virginia.
The Canadian Parliament's announced plans to add over 1 million new permanent residents in the next 3 years. That’s nearly 1% of the country’s population each year.
Canada welcomed over 286,000 permanent residents in 2017 and projects that number could reach 350,000 this year.
And 360,000 in 2020.
And 370,000 in 2021.
"Thanks in great part to the newcomers we've welcomed throughout our history, Canada's developed into the strong and vibrant country we all enjoy," said Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC).
Hussen, himself an immigrant from Somalia, said the influx will help offset Canada’s aging population and declining birth rate while growing its labor force

Sunday, January 13, 2019

US Catholics No Longer Trust Church Officials, Poll Reveals

Catholics in the US have lost faith in clergy members and no longer trust church officials following a series child abuse scandals and cover-ups, a new poll has revealed.
A Gallup poll released Friday shows that less than a 3rd of Catholics in the United States rate the honesty and ethical standards of clergy as "very high" or "high," marking a record low and a significant drop from the previous annual survey.
The poll's the latest evidence of the hierarchy’s diminished credibility as a direct result of the, seemingly, never-ending clergy sex abuse scandal. The all-time-low 31% honesty rating for 2018 is an 18% drop from 2017(49%).
The large fall comes after years of steady decline, with a new global explosion of the scandal and revelations of a high-ranking cover-up in the US causing a huge blow to Catholics' trust in Church leaders.
Catholics aren’t alone in the crisis, however, as the trust in Christian clergy members has fallen across the board. According to Crux Now, the Gallup survey also found that while the Protestants’ 48% positive rating for clergy's higher than Catholics’, 2018 marked the 1st time that less than half of surveyed Protestants had high marks for clerical honesty.
The poll of 1,025 adults was conducted December 3-12 and had a margin of error of +/- 4%. For results based on the total sample of 210 Catholics, the margin was +/- 8%.
The credibility of the Catholic Church hierarchy tanked in 2018 after new reports of old abuse and cover-up were uncovered in the US, Chile and elsewhere and implicated Pope Francis himself.
In the US, the Pennsylvania grand jury report alleged 7 decades of abuse and cover-up, while ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s downfall exposed how the hierarchy knew that he slept with seminarians, but turned a blind eye.
The report revealed that high-ranking officials, including Pope Francis and Cardinal Wuerl, knew of the child sex abuse allegations, but failed to act and in some cases, covered it up.
A previous Gallup poll found that Catholics’ overall confidence in the Church and organized religion - already declining last year - dropped from 52% in June 2017 to 44% by June 2018, before the US scandal had even hit.
Mass attendance has also been on a steady decline and hit a new low last year, with 36% of Catholics reporting they had attended Mass in the past week.
Nevertheless, Gallup found that a majority of Catholics still view religion as "very important" in their lives. And the survey noted that the % of Americans who self-identify as Catholic has remained stable, thanks in large part to the growing Hispanic population in the US.

Nearly 180,000 sign petition to impeach Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib who called Trump “motherf**er”

A petition calling for the impeachment of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI-13) already has close to 160,000(almost 180,000 currently) signatures.
"This woman's an anti-Semite, a war mongering hate filled Palestinian who's vowed to try and destroy our constitutional rights, hates America, hates American citizens," the petition states. "She’s a danger to our sovereignty, a detriment to society and to this country and is unfit to serve in any capacity within our government."
The petition also takes issue with Tlaib’s election, claiming that she "lied about living in Detroit" by "using her father’s house address."
Tlaib made headlines earlier this week when she vowed to "impeach the motherfucker" during a party in celebration of her being sworn in to Congress.
"I stand by impeaching the president of the United States. I ran on that," she said in an interview discussing her comments. She called her promise to impeach President Donald Trump something she "very much" holds "dearly."
"They love that I’m real and that I'm very much focused on getting the government back up and running, but also making sure we’ve held the president of the United States accountable," she said.
Tlaib later apologized that her comments caused a "distraction," but refused to apologize for the explicit remarks

Islamic State calls on Muslims to poison food Kate Middleton buys at supermarkets

TERRORISTS have threatened to poison Kate Middleton’s food in a sick new plot.  

A vile post sent on encrypted extremist site Telegram urged Isis fanatics to try to tamper with what she eats at her favourite supermarkets.  

They shared photos of the Duchess shopping, with a red X scrawled over her trolley, with the message: "We know what she eats – poison it!"  

There was also a chilling new threat against Prince George.  

A picture showed the tot holding Prince William’s hand beside a masked knife-wielding ISIS nut, alongside the words: "Rise of the kuffar" – that translates as "unbeliever".  

The messages prompted an exchange between dozens of fanatics on the chat room, detailing how to insert poison into food, where Kate's been spotted shopping. They also shared information on which stores Kate shops in.  

A security source told Daily Star Sunday the threat was being taken "very seriously".  

The hate message was posted on the same site used by Islamic State supporter Husnain Rashid to call on his followers to kill Kate and William’s son Prince George. Former mosque teacher Rashid, 32, is now serving life in jail over the plot. He also urged fanatics in some of the staggering 290,000 hate messages he sent on encrypted sites to poison tubs of ice cream in supermarkets across Britain.  

The Telegram instant messaging app has military grade encryption and was described as a "tool kit for terrorism" during Rashid’s trial.  

Our source said: "Intelligence agents believe the threats made against Kate aren't idle and are linked to messages sent by Husnain Rashid

Swedish right-wing led municipality ends pork-free school meals

The political management in Staffanstorp wants the schools in the municipality to stop offering alternatives to pork.
According to a proposal that will soon be raised in the Educational Board, Staffanstorp schools will no longer offer a meat alternative to those who don’t eat pork, Nyheter Idag reports. Instead, they will be offered vegetarian food on the days that pork is on the menu. Those who, for medical reasons, are entitled to special diets will receive it.
"We cannot, with tax money, take into account various religious dietary requirements. Everything costs and we must therefore prioritise – and spend our tax money on core activities, such as education", writes Chairman of the Municipal Board Christian Sonesson on Facebook.
Newspaper Sydsvenskan interviews a mother whose sons don’t eat pork for religious reasons. She says that the proposal sends the message that not everyone's welcome in Staffanstorp. "I have nothing against vegetarian food, but this isn't about food, but about politics and humanitarianism", she says.
Åsa Ekstrand, Chairman of the Educational Board, denies that this would be discrimination against certain religions. "There's other groups than Muslims who don’t eat pork and the decision applies to them as well. And anyone can eat the vegetarian option", she says.
According to the action programme that the Moderates and the Sweden Democrats have developed for the period 2019–2022, the municipality’s activities must be free from ‘special cultural requirements’. "For example, separate swimming hours or similar. And the municipality’s activities must also be free from religious expressions, such as ritual slaughtered meat", the political majority states firmly.

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Raped Girl In Texas

CONROE, Texas (The Courier) – An undocumented immigrant's been arrested in Conroe for alleged aggravated sexual assault of a child, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.  

Jose Manuel Tiscareno Hernandez, 31, who the sheriff’s office said has been deported to Mexico on multiple occasions, is currently in the Montgomery County Jail, and an US Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold had been requested due to the crime as well as his current immigration status.  

On Thursday, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Special Victim’s Unit and crime scene investigators executed a search warrant at a residence in the 400 Block of Gladstell in Conroe. The search warrant was for an investigation of aggravated sexual assault of a child.  

"The victim was 11 years old when the abuse started," the sheriff’s office said. "During the execution of the search warrant at the suspect’s residence, the suspect was not home but detectives received information that the suspect was intending to flee the US and head back to Mexico."  

An arrest warrant was filed and a second search warrant was executed on January 11 in a separate location to collect additional evidence. On January 12 at approximately 8:30 am detectives with the MCSO Special Victims Unit and SWAT; Investigators with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office; Special Agents with the FBI, ICE and the US Marshals Service were able to locate and apprehend Tiscareno Hernandez in Conroe.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

His Name's Harry Parnell: 64 year-old White Man, Months Away from Retirement, Stabbed to Death by a Black Male (With Vast Criminal History) He Supervised

BROOKSHIRE, Texas (KTRK) -- The man accused of stabbing his supervisor to death may have felt picked on at work, Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith revealed.
After a manhunt, Evan Parker, 34, was arrested at his apartment in the 18000 block of South Parkview in west Harris County Thursday afternoon.
"Law enforcement officers made entry. The suspect, Parker, was sitting on his couch. He had a BB gun pistol in his hand," said Waller County Chief Deputy Craig Davis. "It's my understanding he pointed it at them. They backed out and began a short negotiation which lasted 20 to 30 minutes, then he surrendered with no injuries to himself or law enforcement officers."
During a police interview, Parker allegedly confessed, indicating he felt picked on at work. Sheriff Smith wouldn't elaborate and investigators have said no employees indicated there was a problem at Spitzer Industries where it happened.
Parker's accused of killing Harry Parnell, 64 and injuring another employee who was flown to a hospital with serious injuries.
Deputies were called to Spitzer Industries on FM 362 near Brookshire just after 8 pm Wednesday.
Investigators said Parker arrived at work Wednesday night and asked specifically for his supervisor, Parnell, then stabbed him. Parnell was set to retire this year and had been with the company for 20 years. He died at the scene.
"He enjoyed his job and he treated people the way he wanted to be treated," said Parnell's son, Tim Parnell, who's a Katy police officer. "He didn't deserve this."
The other victim's 36-year-old Jose Rangel. Investigators said it appears Rangel just happened to be in the way when he was stabbed.
A Spitzer company official told ABC13 that Parker had been working for 6 months with the company as a contractor.
Authorities say Parker has an extensive criminal history including aggravated robbery, assault, resisting arrest and aggravated assault against a public servant. Parker's charged with murder and aggravated assault, and remains in jail. The factory was closed Thursday. Grief counselors will be on site Friday.

Illegal Alien Caught In Tennessee's a Serial Child-Rapist

COLUMBIA, Tennessee (WZTV) – A middle Tennessee repeat child rapist has been convicted for a 2nd time. On Wednesday, a jury found Juan Abrego-Chavez guilty of rape of a child and 2 counts of aggravated sexual battery. Assistant District Attorney Emily Crafton prosecuted the case.
Right now, Abrego-Chavez is serving a 30 year sentence for rape of a child after being convicted in a different case in Maury County last year. The district attorney estimates that there are several victims not known about. Abrego-Chavez has faced allegations from 4 young children already.
"Will they deport him? If he ever gets out, I hope they do," said District Attorney Brent Cooper. "My goal's to make sure that he never draws another breath as a free person."
Now, Abrego-Chavez faces another 24-64 years in prison for his latest child rape charge. He had a daughter of his own and her friends would come to the house where "Alfredo" as he was known, would prey on them.
"These other parents saw that and they recognized him and thought oh my gosh, our kids have been to his house," Cooper said. "We’re talking about a 6-year-old girl."
The illegal immigrant from Guatemala's been in the US for 16 years. He has lived in Texas, Florida, New York and Tennessee. Sentencing's expected to be set within 45 days, according to D.A. Brent Cooper. Cooper also confirmed Abrego-Chavez is an illegal immigrant.
"I’m certain there's more [victims] out there. Pedophiles, just by nature, they don’t just start doing this one day," Cooper said.

Poll: Less than 1 in 5 Italians Want Ports Reopened to Migrants

Less than 1 in 5 Italians (19%) would like the government to reopen the country’s closed ports to migrants, according to a poll released Friday.  

Only 12% of those surveyed say that it's the responsibility of individual states in whose territorial waters the migrant ships have arrived to resolve the situation. The survey commissioned by the Italian daily Corriere della Sera revealed that 60% said that in these cases it's the responsibility of the EU, while 13% said the duty lies with the NGO vessels that took the migrants aboard in the first place.  

The issue of migration's returned to the political foreground in Italy with the ongoing saga of the 2 vessels operated by the NGOs Sea Watch and Sea Eye. The story has highlighted tensions in relations with the EU and other international organizations such as the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR).  

A significant majority of Italians (64%) are favourable to the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini’s decision to close the country’s ports. Of these, 80% want the government to stand by its absolute ban on new migrant landings even in the case of the vessels Sea Watch and Sea Eye, while the other 20% think an exception should be made for these 49 migrants.  

The closure of ports is the prevailing option among all social segments regardless of gender, age, educational qualifications, employment status or religious faith, including Catholics who regularly attend mass, the poll found.  

In its analysis of the survey, Corriere della Sera said Italians continue to fear the uncontrolled mass immigration experienced in recent years and also resent what seemed to many a betrayal by the EU in failing to come to their assistance.  

A poll conducted last February covering all 28 EU nations revealed an overwhelming concern over illegal immigration with over 3-quarters of EU citizens saying that Europe’s external borders should be better protected.  

The survey conducted by the Századvég Foundation’s Project 28 sampled one thousand adult citizens from each of the 28 EU countries and found a remarkable consistency of thought regarding the dangers of unchecked immigration.  

What's "most striking" about the survey, wrote the Spectator’s Douglas Murray, is that "there's such extraordinary unanimity around the question of immigration."  

Immigration policy's emerging as the central issue of interest in the upcoming campaign ahead of the May 26th European Parliament elections.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Police Suicides Are Up, Retired Cop Says ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is Partly To Blame

Police suicides are up nationwide and the numbers are staggering. Retired police officer and forensic criminologist Dr. Ron Martinelli says the ‘Ferguson effect’ is partly to blame.  

At least 160 police officer took their own lives in 2018, that's more than the number of officers who died while on the job, according to Blue H.E.L.P.  

"Not only do they have to worry about losing their lives or getting injured while in the line of duty, but they have to worry if they’re going to lose their job or get sued," said Martinelli.

French Green Party Founder Says Europeans Must Have Less Children to Make Way For Muslim Migrants

According to the co-founder of the French Green Party, benefits for native European families should be removed in order to encourage them to have less kids so that more room can be made for Muslim migrants.
Yves Cochet co-founded the French Green Party in 1984 and is currently an elected member of the European Parliament.
During an interview with left-wing French newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur, Cochet brazenly advocated proposals that would lead to the demographic suicide of the native French population.
"I suggest reversing our policy that encourages births, by inverting the logic of benefits payments for families. The more kids you have, the fewer benefits you receive to the point of disappearing entirely after the 3rd birth!" he stated.
"When we accept being ‘Neo-Malthusians,’ we're quickly accused of racism and elitism. For that reason therefore, I make it clear that I'm not targeting the poorest countries, that produce more kids than others," explained Cochet.
"On the contrary. The rich countries, like France, are the first that need to decrease demographically. They're the ones with the most polluting lifestyles. Most of all, limiting our births would allow us to better receive the Muslim migrants who are knocking at our doors," he concluded.
The MEP's basically advocating the opposite policy to that of Italian populist leader Matteo Salvini and other eastern European countries, who've increased welfare payments to prospective parents in order to encourage their population to have more kids.
France’s Muslim population already stands at almost 9%, with the country continually experiencing riots and civil unrest as a result of a failure to integrate newcomers.
According to France’s former Interior Minister Gérard Collomb, problems caused by mass immigration will lead to huge social dislocation and potential partition or secession of the country.
"Communities in France are engaging in conflict with one another more and more and it’s becoming very violent," said Collomb, adding, "Within 5 years the situation could become irreversible. Yes, we have 5, 6 years to avoid the worst."
Yves Cochet’s rhetoric mirrors that of his Green Party ally over in Germany, Stefanie von Berg, who during a speech in front of the German parliament celebrated the fact that Germans would be an ethnic minority within major cities in 30 years, commenting that this was "a good thing" because it would upset right-wingers.

CNN Cancels On San Diego TV Station After They Report Border Wall Works

A local San Diego TV station said on Thursday that CNN invited them to provide a "local view" of the existing wall at the US-Mexico border, only to cancel after past reports from the station showed that the wall's an effective method of combating illegal immigration.  

"Thursday morning, CNN called the KUSI Newsroom asking if one of our reporters could give them a local view of the debate surrounding the border wall and government shutdown," begins a report by local San Diego station KUSI.  

"KUSI offered our own Dan Plante, who's reported dozens of times on the border, including one story from 2016 that was retweeted by former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich and posted on," the report continues.  

"We believe CNN declined a report from KUSI because we informed them that most Border Patrol Agents we've spoken to told us the barrier does in fact work," it concludes. "We've continuously been told by Border Patrol Agents that the barrier along the Southern border helps prevent illegal entries, drugs and weapons from entering the United States and the numbers prove it."

In 2018 Trenton, New Jersey - a 14% White City - All Homicides Had a Non-White Suspect/Non-White Victim

Trenton, New Jersey is a 48% black, 36% hispanic and 14% white city.
The capital city concluded 2018 with 21 homicides, that includes the death of 52-year-old Michael Anderson, who was shot on a Wayne Avenue porch during the early morning hours of June 7, 2017.
Mercer County prosecutors confirmed Anderson’s January 15th death will be counted as a 2018 statistic, even though he suffered the gunshot injuries 7 months prior to dying.
Last year’s homicide toll also includes three vehicular deaths, as well as the death of an abandoned newborn and the death of Tahaij Wells, who was shot and killed by police during a shootout at an all-night arts festival this past summer.
According to the state police uniform crime reporting unit, vehicular homicides are considered manslaughter and aren't reported as a homicide statistic. Justifiable homicides aren't counted in state police murder statistics either.
Therefore, state police will likely report Trenton’s official 2018 homicide number as 15 or 16, possibly excluding a fatal beating at the psychiatric hospital and certainly excluding the newborn whose cause of death was ruled the result of "neonatal abandonment following unattended birth" with a contributing cause of death listed as "maternal use of heroin, fentanyl and cocaine."
The Trentonian, however, includes vehicular homicides, manslaughter cases and justifiable police-involved killings in its yearly homicide count.
Using census data and the 15 killings state police will report to the FBI, Trenton’s 2018 murder rate's 17.65 homicides per 100,000 residents.
In terms of fatalities, January was the deadliest month of 2018, perhaps foreshadowing the violence that lied ahead. 5 homicide victims died that month, that concluded with the double murder of Ivan Rodriguez and Jerard Perdomo Santana. 3 people were killed in each of the months of May, June and November.
19 of the 21 homicide victims were male.
The South was the only Ward that experienced less than 5 killings: 2 people died in that ward last year.
7 victims were in their 20s at the time of their death and 5 victims were in their 30s when they died. 4 teens were murdered in 2018 as well.
The oldest victim was 56-year-old Anthony Anderson, a convicted child molester whose body was found stabbed to death underneath a large tree trunk in a garbage-filled stretch behind an abandoned row home in the first block of Taylor Street.
15 victims were black, 6 were Hispanic. Shootings killed 15 people in the capital city, more than any other homicide method.
1 victim was beaten to death by a fellow Ann Klein Forensic Center patient.
9 suspects were arrested in connection with 6 different homicide incidents that occurred in 2018; one of those cases has 4 suspects charged with various offenses. Only 2 of the homicide suspects arrested last year are female.

Farmer in North Dakota Plows “Build the Wall” in his Field

A farmer in North Dakota took to his fields to show his support for President Donald Trump by plowing "Build the Wall" after the president’s border security speech.
Farmer Gene Hanson of Edgeley of North Dakota said Trump's a "great American" and wanted to find some way to announce his support for the president’s agenda, according to Fox News.
"President Trump, stand your ground and get-R-done," Hanson told the media.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

2 Syrian refugees beat up an Orthodox priest in Athens, Greece

A priest's been beaten up by 2 Syrians in Athens, Greek newspaper Proto Thema reports. According to the newspaper, the incident took place outside the Sanctuary of St. Nicholas in Patisia, Athens.  

When the priest was going to the Sanctuary he noticed that one motorcycle was illegally parked in the garden of the temple. After the priest complained to the Syrian owners about that, both the perpetrators started to punch him.  

As a result of the sudden attack the priest was injured. Until now the Greek police have arrested 1 suspect.  

Since the start of the migrant crisis Greece is one of the refugee hotspots in Europe. A lot of migrants are in camps on its island but others have moved to its cities.  

It has resulted in numerous incidents in for example Athens. In April last year, a massive fight started in the Greek capital between Algerian and Pakistani migrants.  

During the fight, the migrants started throwing tables and bottles of beer at each other, with Greeks and tourists witnessing the scene caught up in the melee and beaten as well.

Italy: 2-year-old child dies after circumcision – Libyan national arrested

A 66-year-old American citizen was arrested on the weekend in Monterotondo, Roma over the death of a 2-year-old.
The small child was undergoing a circumcision and the man of Libyan origin's suspected of causing the Nigerian child’s death.
The deceased, from Monterotondo, has a twin brother who's also seriously ill after undergoing a circumcision. The brother's said to be improving on Monday.
There's roughly 5,000 circumcisions performed each year in Italy. Of those, around 35% are performed illegally.

Her Name's Marla Belin: White Woman Murdered by Black Man in 60% Black New Orleans because She Refused His Sexual Advances

A 55-year-old woman was taken off life support Friday following injuries she received in a violent robbery several days earlier, according to the New Orleans Police Department. The death raised New Orleans' homicide count for the year (2018) to 145. 
Police said the woman was the victim of a 7th Ward robbery about noon December 17, when a man tried to grab her purse and a struggle ensued.
According to police, the victim chased the robber across the street in the 1700 block of North Dorgenois Street, at that point the robber body-slammed her to the ground, hit her head on the concrete several times and struck her in the face before fleeing with the purse.
Citing friends, identified the victim as Marla Belin. Belin's the owner of the talent agency NOLA Talent Entertainment, according to her LinkedIn page.
Police arrested a suspect in the case, Tyrone Fountain, 40, 2 days later. Fountain was booked on counts of simple robbery and 2nd-degree battery. His bail was set by a magistrate judge at $20,000 and he bailed out, according to the report, citing Belin’s friends.
A spokesman for the NOPD said homicide detectives are investigating to determine if additional charges are merited. Fountain's scheduled for a court appearance Janunary 17, court records show.
The report said Belin's talent agency focused on discovering and supporting local musicians. It quoted an agency employee as saying that Fountain and Belin both lived in the 7th Ward and knew each other before the attack.

Morocco: Muslims who murdered Scandinavian girls spared British tourist right before because he said he was Muslim

A gang of extremists who beheaded 2 Scandinavian hikers in Morocco almost murdered a British tourist instead but let him go after he said he was a Muslim.  

The bloodthirsty gang, who were allegedly looking for westerners to murder on behalf of ISIS, spotted the elderly Briton in the Atlas mountains on December 17, Moroccan counter-terror investigators said.  

The group befriended him before asking what his religion was and when he revealed he was a Muslim, they allowed him to continue on his way.  

But an hour later the same group met Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway and murdered them both.  

The attackers filmed one of the women being beheaded, with gruesome footage circulated among ISIS forums online.  

15 men have since been charged with terrorism offenses over the crime. Moroccan counter-terror chief Abdelhak Khiam said the arrested men revealed they spoke to a Briton before the 2 women showed up.

Illegal Alien (Seeking Asylum) Tried To Rape Woman While She Was Holding Her Baby

EL PASO, TX (KTSM) – Police arrested a Guatemalan man Tuesday for allegedly breaking into a hotel room and attempting to sexually assault a Guatemalan woman while she was holding her 1-year-old child.
Police said both the victim and the offender were being housed at the Budget Inn Motel on Paisano when the alleged attack happened.
Investigators identified the suspect as Francisco Tojin Maldonado, 23, from Guatemala.
Police said the woman was bathing her infant in the hotel room Tuesday when the man walked in, groped her under her clothing and pressed himself against her.
The woman told police she left the hotel room door unlocked to allow volunteers in and out of the room. Officers said volunteers responded when they heard the woman screaming and said the man ran away.
Francisco's charged with burglary of habitation and was booked into the El Paso County Detention Center. Police said he was traveling with his son who was turned over to US Border Patrol custody.

Previously Arrested Illegal Aliens Caught With $200,000 Worth Of Meth In North Carolina

GASTON COUNTY, North Carolina (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – 3 illegal aliens were arrested in Gaston County with $200,000 worth of methamphetamine.  

Christian Cabrea-Rivas, 36, Silvia Hernandez-Iturralde, 29 and Marco Tulio Ramos Garcia, 35 were taken into custody on Monday, January 7 after authorities found them in possession of 2 kilograms of meth.  

Police say several kids were present during the drug bust. They've since been taken into protective custody.  

All 3 suspects were charged with trafficking methamphetamine. Hernandez-Iturralde and Garcia are being held under a $250,000 bond. Garcia also had an outstanding deportation order when he was arrested and is under an immigration hold as well.  

Cabrea-Rivas is being held on a $275,000 bond and an immigration hold. He's a documented member of the street gang MS-13 and has an extensive criminal history.  

In December 2018, he was arrested in Mecklenburg County for an assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, assault by pointing a gun, communicating threats and possession of a stolen gun.  

Several agencies participated in the large-scale investigation. No other information's been released at this time.

Italy’s Salvini keeps campaign promise and reduces number of migrant crossings by 80%

Spain now leads in number of migrant crossings than any other European country. Whilst at the same time, crossings into Italy have fallen 80%, Reuters reports.
The European border agency, Frontex, reported that 150,000 migrants entered EU countries illegally in 2018. Spain’s portion of those was double previous years’ having 57,000 using the now most active wroute through Morocco. Iraq and Syrian illegal migrants to Cyprus and Greece were up to 56,000.
On the other hand, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has kept his campaign promise of reducing illegal immigration to Italy.
They’ve seen an 80% drop since Salvini said in June, "From today, Italy will also start to say no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration." There were 23,000 crossings into Italy, the majority during the 1st half of the year.
It's become all too clear that Europeans want less migration and this shows with the rising popularity of populist politicians and governments, including the nationalist VOX party in Spain.
Salvini’s stance is working and citizens throughout Europe hope their governments will follow this trend.

Adult migrant violently rapes 9-year-old Swedish child ‘because he was looking for someone to rape’

The African who raped a Swedish kid says he was looking for someone to rape that day and he didn’t care if it was a kid, news outlet Fria Tider reports.
The 30-year-old Libyan who was charged with a brutal rape of a 9-year-old girl in Malmö earlier this year was sentenced by the District Court for aggravated rape of a child on Friday.
The penalty will be 6 years imprisonment and expulsion, but not for life – after 15 years, the pedophile rapist's welcome back.
This is what the prosecutor wrote in the document instituting proceedings:
"He lured the plaintiff into a [rubbish]bin room and locked the door. He wrestled her to the ground, hit her in the face, pulled off her clothes on the lower body and held her legs.
"He strangled her and inflicted a bruise on her neck so that she felt pain and had difficulty breathing. He further threatened to beat her if she didn't stop screaming."
The man, who in media has been called "the dad of young kids" has admitted to the crime. According to the judgment, he was in the area "to look for a girl to rape and he didn't care if the girl was a child". He wanted to have vaginal intercourse with her and therefore told her to "open" her legs during the assault.
The man's a citizen of Libya, but has a permanent residency in Sweden since November 2010.
He has 3 underage kids in Sweden and has been convicted several times before of violent and predatory crimes without being expelled.
The penalty will be imprisonment for 6 years and expulsion from the country for 15 years. He must also pay €17,000 in damages to the girl. He's also sentenced for minor assault, 2 cases of sexual harassment, theft, minor drug offences and a knife violation.

Migrant involved in ‘torturing’ dog to death in Sweden

2 men are being prosecuted at Skaraborg District Court for having strangled a dog to death and thus subjected it to suffering.  

In connection with a drug investigation, the police searched one of the accused men’s mobile phones – and found a film of the 2 men and some other unknown people torturing a dog.  

In the preliminary investigation, the police describe how the men tighten a strap around a small Pinscher dog’s neck and hold it up in the air. The dog's bloody and seemingly lifeless in the film. Then, it's put in a plastic bag.  

One of the men's known to the police and can be heard talking and laughing in the film. "Ah brother. She lives. What the fuck? Brother, I beg you. Put the knife in her", the man says.  

The men deny crimes and claim in interrogation that the dog had to be killed for various reasons. The older of the 2 says that the dog was sick and in pain. He wanted to make sure that it really died and says he therefore "put the knife to the dog’s neck".  

The younger man says that the dog had attacked other dogs and people and was therefore killed. According to him, the dog was shot dead with 2 bullets. The strap was then used to put the dog in the plastic bag.  

He admits that it's him in the film and when asked why he laughs, he replies: "I was shocked. Everyone reacts differently when in shock. I got shocked and I panicked."  

The older man's a former citizen of a Central American country while the younger man has Swedish citizenship, but has a non-Swedish accent.  

In addition to animal cruelty, both men are also prosecuted for serious drug offenses. The younger is also prosecuted for attempted drug smuggling and illegal driving, while the older is prosecuted for assault and illegal threat.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Black student caught on video beating up white substitute teacher

Nothing's changed because DNA doesn't changed. The substitute teacher's white. The attacker's black. Some of the black students in the class go ape as they watch with apparent glee.  

What we learn is:  

• This is why schools were racially segregated in some parts of America. Segregation wasn't white racism, but a response to black racism and violence. Separate but equal was a logical, workable solution to black violence.  

• Every school teacher should be required to work at least 2 years in a black majority school as a prerequisite to obtaining a teaching certificate.  

• In spite of all the far-left indoctrination saturated by college students, many are red-pilled once they find themselves immersed in real-world schools where they must contend with black rascality.  

• Imagine the media firestorm had a white student been recorded assaulting a black teacher.  

A cellphone captured a student attacking a Dallas ISD teacher in front of the class. 

The scary encounter happened Thursday at Skyline High School. The substitute teacher wasn't seriously hurt.  

The video doesn’t reveal what started the classroom confrontation or how long it had been going. It shows the student pushing the teacher back and the teacher raising his left leg in response. In a flash, the student's on top of him, shoving the teacher to the floor and punching and kicking him.  

DISD says the teacher received minor injuries and was treated by the school’s nurse. Association says the video points out how much bigger the student is than the teacher.  

"That’s a very frightening thought," she said. "So many of our students in secondary schools are large individuals. They’ve just grown. It's a scary situation for both male and female."  

Honea says that many teachers have asked for the district to provide them with self-defense training.  

"I know many staff in our schools would love that kind of training because it's a fearful situation," she said. "And I’m sure they pray every day that it doesn’t happen to them."  

A DISD spokesperson says the district's being proactive to ensure the safety of students and staff at Skyline. There will be additional support from central staff for hall monitoring through next week. They’re also working to have more meetings with parents to address behavioral issues and there will be a major focus to fill vacancies of hall monitors.  

"The state legislature has taken away a lot of options that teachers have when it comes to unruly disruptive volatile students," Honea said. "For a great degree, teachers’ hands are tied."  

DISD says they recently added an urban specialist to provide more mentoring to students. They wouldn't say how the student in the video was specifically disciplined, due to confidentiality issues.

White man shot by black man at convenient store in Jakcsonville, Florida

"We can stay prayed up. Dat's all we can do," a neighbor told local media.
The interview focused on local feedback after a white man was gunned down by a black male. 55-year-old Martin Hower was fatally shot while working for a living at convenient store. described the suspect as a 5'9" black man. described him as "in his late teens to early 20s, standing about 5 feet 9 inches tall with medium-length dreadlocks."
JSO [Jacksonville Sheriff's Office] and gas station clerks describe the suspect, who fled the scene on foot, as an approximate 5'9" black male in his late teens-early 20s. He fled on foot and is armed with a handgun, police say.
Deputies are reviewing surveillance footage taken at the gas station. The case is now being investigated as a homicide, says JSO.

Muslim taxi driver’ threatens to rape converts to Christianity

Police on Wednesday arrested a taxi driver who recorded an obscene video threatening to violently rape anyone who converts from Islam to Christianity.  

The 41-year-old cabbie from Preston, Lancashire, England, wasn't immediately identified by authorities, but is facing a charge of "religiously aggravated harassment."  

The video, posted on social media December 17, shows the taxi driver sitting in a car with another man as he uses the F-word constantly, blaring comments such as:  

"Any motherfucker [who] wants to convert to Christianity, we’re both gonna fuck you up the ass."  

"Why are you fucking converting for, you motherfuckers?"

"Why would you want to become a Christian?"  

The video was reportedly a response to another Muslim man who had broadcast his baptism and conversion to Christianity on Facebook, according to the Lancashire Evening Post.  

A local woman who reported the video to authorities said she feared for the public’s safety, and viewed the remarks as a hate crime:  

"After seeing that video, it frightens me now to identify myself as a Christian to someone that I don’t know," she told the Post. "It’s sad that I have to hide my religion. This man’s dangerous views on something so normal like people changing religions is unacceptable.  

"His threats to sexually assault those who convert to Christianity is the heart of hate speech. To me, he's displaying extremist tendencies and is encouraging violence. I’m genuinely concerned for the welfare of the public who may not be aware of his extreme views."  

Upon learning of the threats, Gareth Fairhurst remarked online: "Disgusting and vile … Get him off the streets."  

A police spokesman told the paper:

"As soon as this video came to our attention we launched an investigation and we have today arrested a 41-year-old man from Preston on suspicion of religiously aggravated harassment. He remains in custody and our investigation's on-going.  

"We recognize the distress the comments have caused to a number of people and we hope they're reassured by the action we've taken. We're committed to tackling all crime motivated by hate and prejudice and we'd urge anyone who's been a victim of a hate crime to have the confidence to come forward and report it to police. Victims will always be dealt with professionally and sympathetically."  

The taxi driver actually provided a follow-up video to the newspaper, apologizing profusely for his original obscene broadcast, saying it was intended to be "banter between mates."  

In his video apology, he stated:

"I’ve come to realize that I made several obnoxious, crude comments that I shouldn’t have made. I’m really sorry for the offense caused."

Czech politicians want to ban Islam completely as it ‘colonises society’

Political leaders in Czech Republic have previously condemned Islam in strong terms. Now, politicians in the Czech Parliament are discussing the complete ban of the religion.
If someone calls for the killing of infidels and Jews, then it's not a religion of peace, says MP Jiri Kobza.
He and his party Freedom and Direct Democracy, that's one of the larger in parliament, believe Islam isn't just a religion but also a violent ideology that should be banned.
We've suggested that all ideologies that promote hatred and violence should be banned. One of the ideologies is Islam. And then we have fascism and Nazism, he says.
He points out that Muslims neither want nor will integrate into non-Muslim societies. It's not migration – it's colonisation.
A strong mistrust of Islam exists throughout the political spectrum in the Czech Republic, where only 0.5% of the population are Muslim.
We don't want more Muslims in Czech Republic, the Social Democratic then Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka noted in an interview last year.
Even Czech President Milos Zeman, who's also a Social Democrat, has strongly condemned the Middle Eastern religion. Among other things, he's said that Islam simply doesn't belong in Europe.
In connection with the asylum chaos in 2015, Zeman noted during an Islam critical demonstration that the Muslim migrants who then made it to Europe came from a "culture of murderers and religious hatred."

UK: Muslim got $227,000 by claiming to be victim of 2 jihad attacks and Grenfell fire

A SICK fraudster's been jailed after she bagged £180,000 after claiming she was a victim in recent terror attacks and tragedies that shook the country.  

Ruksana Ashraf, 44, created fake identities and went through various insurance companies to benefit from the Manchester Bombings, London Bridge attack and Grenfell Tower fire.  

The counts of fraud relating to false insurance claims made to RSA, Aviva and Legal and General between 2012 and 2017.  

The court heard the 44-year-old from Edinburgh had used multiple mobile phone SIM cards and fake names and addresses to take out dozens of insurance policies and then make bogus claims.  

Ashraf also admitted 1 count of possessing criminal property in relation to receiving vouchers from insurers instead of compensation.  

Ben Holt, prosecuting, said the successful claims totalled £50,116, but Ashraf had also tried to scam a further £129,030, claims that weren't successful.  

He told Inner London Crown Court on Wednesday that Ashraf made claims relating to Grenfell Tower and 2 major terrorist attacks  

Mr Holt added: "Some of those claims related to terrorist attacks or natural disasters that had recently happened.  

"3 claims were said to arise from the Grenfell Tower, 2 from the bombing on the Arena in Manchester and 1 from the terrorist attack on Borough Market in London"

Afghan migrant rapes 78-year-old mentally disabled woman – She now lives in misery

A 26-year old Afghan migrant's been sentenced to 5 years in jail for raping an elderly woman in Belgium, newspaper HLN reports.
In April this year, the man entered a care facility for people with disabilities and raped a 78-year-old woman.
The woman, who has the mental capacity of a 3-year-old kid, was found on her bed. She was in pain and her trousers were backwards.
Personnel halted the Afghan for a while until the police arrived. He was arrested and said later that it wasn’t rape, but the sex was consensual. According to the man, he was invited by the woman.
At first he denied having sex, but after forensic proof was presented, he admitted to the rape. The man was sentenced to 5 year in prison.
The elderly woman’s lawyer said the incident has had a tremendous impact on the woman. "In the past she was enthusiastic and participated in activities. Now she chooses to live isolated, feels ashamed and her trust is damaged."
The public prosecutor said this behaviour's completely unacceptable and he says "society should be protected against the man". "Let’s hope he gets deported after his jail time," the prosecutor added.
Besides his jail sentence, the man has to pay the elderly woman 7,280 euros in damages. He also loses his civil rights for 10 years.

5-member German family receives less in benefits than family of 4 migrants

Thomas Hetze, a German with his family of 5 who's paid into the social system for years, was recently told he's only entitled to 900 euros per month by the German government.  

Currently a migrant family of 4 is entitled to 1350 euros without ever having paid into the social systems. The UN Social Council found large problems in the application of human rights in Germany.  

Especially the elderly, who are living in inhumane conditions due to a lack of personnel. The report goes on to talk about a total of about 2.55 million kids, who are currently living in poverty.  

Experts say bureaucracy and a lack of information are keeping parents from receiving the benefits to which they're entitled.  

In total, 1.2 million employed people currently have to rely on benefits to get by. The UN report asks for a raise in the minimum wage and a consistent application of it to solve the problems.  

Recently, the German government took in hundreds of thousands of low or unskilled workers during the refugee crisis of 2015, adding a further burden on the social systems and causing a social rift.

School in Denmark bans traditional Danish song about blonde girl after foreign teacher was ‘offended’ by it

A traditional Danish song has sparked controversy recently. A female teacher of foreign origin at the Danish Business School was offended by a line in the song (the first line) being sung at a school gathering.
The title of the old song is "The Danish Song is a Young Blonde Girl" – a classic, beautiful and very Danish song about the beauty and soul of Denmark and the Danes.
The University promptly apologised and said they wouldn’t sing the song again and thanked the teacher for her vigilance on behalf of PC culture.
However, the good thing about all this is that it upset people on both sides of the political spectrum.
The majority of the Danes were outraged that she, who had been welcomed in their country, was allowed to stop one of their most beautiful and iconic songs from being sung.
And as a result they decided that it was more PC nonsense than they could take and were united – and sang the song in Parliament as a protest against the lunacy.
Danish politician Marcus Knuth posted the video on his Facebook and added:
"Christmas these days is about the importance of preserving and fighting for our Danish traditions who are under increased pressure of political correctness…
"The latest example's about the Danish song about a young blonde girl. A teacher was so offended, that she complained about it…
"Come one, this is one of the Danish songs about the essence of being Danish, It’s a pillar of our culture. We should never apologise for that."

Greece: Massive increase of attacks on Christian symbols and Orthodox churches

Each year there's more attacks on churches, chapels, atypical places of religious worship, religious monuments, synagogues and even cemeteries, Greek newspaper Eleftheros Typos reports.
Specifically, according to the Greek Aggressional Secretariat of Religions, last year the attacks on religious buildings (includes vandalism, burglaries, thefts, sacrifices, fires, etc.) rose by 159%, while the primary target appears to be the Orthodox Church.
A significant increase is also seen in the number of attacks to several religious communities, with 4 of them registered in 2016, whilst last year that number was 8. The numbers speak for themselves. In 2017 a total of 556 incidents were recorded against place of religious worship, 536 of those attacks made in Christian places.
In particular, according to the relevant report of the General Secretariat of Religions, 525 cases against the Orthodox Church (94% of the total incidents), many of them bear religious intolerance causing intense reflection within the Greek Church.
"Evidence shows that the primary target of the attacks in our homeland is the Orthodox Church. This fact can't be overlooked. We owe the State and the Church to seek ways of cooperation so that this profane reality that affects our history and identity is eliminated," says Secretary General of Religions, Giorgos Kalantzis.
Greece has experienced an unprecedented wave of migrants from the Middle East, of which several are ISIS members and completely intolerable against people or symbols of other beliefs.
At the same time the leftish government seems unable (or unwilling) to to deal effectively with the Anarchist criminality in Greece, that's responsible for most of the attacks on Orthodox churches.

Somali migrant planned to blow up Italy’s largest church during Christmas “when the churches are full”

He ‘wanted to attack St. Peter’s at Christmas’ in Rome. Using wiretap recordings, DIGOS special security police in Bari, make arrest of a 20-year-old Somali national on terrorism charges.  

The Somali wanted to stage an attack at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome at Christmas. Mohsin Ibrahim Omar, a.k.a. Anas Khalil, is believed to be linked and in contact with the Islamic State (ISIS) in Somalia.  

In a recording obtained by police he allegedly states: "The 25th is Christmas… the churches are full. "Let’s put bombs in all the churches of Italy.  

Where's the biggest church? It’s in Rome?," he said, according to the wiretap, apparently referring to St Peter’s. The FBI are assisting with the investigation.  

The man was arrested on 13 December as he tried to flee the city of Bari. According to news outlet Ansa "prosecutors issued a warrant to hold the suspect because of the "imminent danger" of him taking flight".

Saturday, December 8, 2018

It begins: Party that wants to “make Spain great again” storms the polls

As Voice of Europe reported, for the first time in decades a right-wing party won seats in a large Spanish region.
By gaining 12 parliamentary seats in Andalusia, Vox shocked and gave a strong blow to Spain’s left.
For a lot of Spaniards the result of Santiago Abascal’s Vox came as a surprise, but probably not for the leader himself. We're "in step with what millions of Spaniards think," Abascal said earlier.
Polls since January this year show that Vox received 5 times more support in Spain. A recent poll even shows the party's at 10% of the vote. A SocioMétrica/El Español shows Vox at 11% support

"We stand for the same law-and-order and social conservative causes as Trump," Santiago Abascal, the leader of the movement says in an interview.
Like most conservative populist parties Vox focuses on reducing migration and Islamisation as it vows to "make Spain great again".
According to The Local, a leftist media outlet, Vox is here to stay in Spain and we'll hear more of them:
"The political shockwaves from Sunday night will be felt all around the country right through 2019 to the local, regional and European elections in May.
"Spain now has its own alt-right or national populist party and moves into 5-party politics territory.
"Not that the 4-party politics that came out of the 2015 elections was getting the country anywhere fast or better, but room for one more, it seems," columnist Matthew Bennett said.

Young girls in Finland are increasingly groomed and abused by adult migrant men – Police issue warning

Oulu police have recently been informed of dozens of cases of adult men attempting to lure young girls online.  

Police are saying that men with foreign-backgrounds and poor Finnish-language skills are contacting "significantly younger" girls in the area, resulting in aggravated sexual abuse.  

This has prompted their cautioning young girls and their parents about online predators at a time when 9 men are under suspicion of raping and sexually abusing young girls.  

There's currently 3 cases of migrant men suspected of sexually abusing kids in Oulu. One such case involved sexually exploiting a 10-14 year old girl over several months and in all of the cases the rapes and sexual abuse were against kids under the age of 15.  

In all of the cases, the suspects are refugees or asylum seekers, according to police. Some have received Finnish citizenship, received refugee status or awaiting asylum decisions. 

Detective Superintendent Markus Kiiskinen was careful to add to their warning: "I hope this won't result in more racism. The police would like to emphasise that not all people with foreign backgrounds are dishonest or criminals".  

Their hope's that parents will take an interest in who their kids are spending time with both online and off.

Migrant sex attacks on European women are motivated by religion – Swedish MP

Swedish politician Hanif Bali said it’s time to call migrants’ sexual assaults of European women what they are – ethno-religiously motivated crimes
In a series of tweets, MP Hanif Bali raises the subject of gang rape and points to the perpetrators and victims.
Bali believes it’s time to start talking about "ethno-religiously motivated rapes" since 88% of perpetrators who commit serious sexual assaults in Sweden and other European countries, have a migrant background, while the victims are mainly young white girls.
A citizen study on sexual crimes made in autumn 2017 confirms what Bali writes:
Men of non-European descent commit 84% of serious rapes in Sweden. Afghans, Iraqis and Somalis commit the most rapes. 2 out of 3 serious rapes are committed by asylum seekers or men who've been granted residence permits. 95.6% of assault rapes are committed by men of foreign descent.
The question he raises is why the Swedish authorities don’t act vigorously to protect the country’s girls and women from the ethno-religiously and racially motivated serious sexual violence.
Bali also mentions the sex scandals with foreign gangs that for years raped young British girls in Rotterham. The median age of gang rape victims is 15 years and the victims are usually white girls from the working class, he writes on Twitter.
His tweets are written in connection with several sex scandals being disclosed in Finland. Recently, a number of foreign men systematically raped a 10-year-old girl in Oulu and a 19-year-old girl was raped by 5 Afghans in Åland.