Sunday, September 30, 2018

Angela Merkel is now more popular among migrants than among Germans

While the right-wing Alternative for Germany sees a massive growth in support, the situation for Angela Merkel's completely different. Like French President Emmanuel Macron, her support's reaching new lows every month.

But there’s certainly one group that loves the German Chanchellor: People with migrant backgrounds.

Merkel’s conservative bloc, between her CDU and sister party CSU, has become the most popular among migrants. According to a new survey she receives 43% of support among all migrant groups.

Compared to the overall popularity of the bloc, which is at 28%, we can conclude that Merkel's more popular among migrants than among the large majority of native Germans.

She especially lost credibility among the Germans for inviting 1.5 million migrants into Germany and then defending their horrible crimes. Merkel’s decision has resulted, among other things, in terror, rape and murder.

In the meantime, she calls protesting Germans xenophobes or neo-Nazis and is spreading false information about incidents. One of the main examples is the ‘hunt on migrants’ in Chemnitz, which there's no evidence ever took place.

Instead, she fired her intelligence chief who disagreed with her on the issue, as her position becomes weaker and weaker.

Angela Merkel’s duplicity on the effects of migration's too great to swallow and is the quickest way to lose her German voter base.

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