Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Already 20% of driving lessons in Sweden are in Arabic as migrants fail them in Swedish

The Swedish Transport Administration has serious plans to counter the number of migrants that fail driving tests, Swedish Radio reports. 

At the moment migrants are overrepresented in failing their driving exams because of language problems. 

In a survey, people with a foreign background say that the biggest problems were ‘the costs of education’ and ‘difficult traffic rules’. 

The Transport Administration wants to solve the language problem by administering more tests in Arabic and other languages. 

According to the organisation, driving licenses are important for obtaining employment in the future, they facilitate integration and they eliminate the number of unnecessary delays. 

"Demand has increased significantly when it comes to tests in a language other than Swedish. Arabic's at the top after only Swedish, with 20% of the tests," Anders Cronqvist from the Swedish Transport Administration said. 

A driving instructor from multicultural Malmö notes that migrants seem to underestimate the importance of driving tests. 

"As a teacher, I always have to motivate them why you should be able to know what you actually should know about traffic. Still, it’s not always everyone who understands it. They think simply driving the car's enough," he says. 

The website of the Swedish Transport Administration already gives a look at the future, as it's available in Somali, Arabic, South Kurdish and Farsi. 


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