Friday, October 19, 2018

Black Woman accused of biting, urinating on employees during theft at Fishers Target

Fishers, Indiana's one of the whitest cities in Indiana. In 2011 the Indianapolis suburb was listed as the safest city in America. It's also one of the fastest growing.  

An Indianapolis woman's accused of biting and urinating on employees at the Fishers Target while stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of items Tuesday.  

Before the altercation, workers say the woman, Aimee Gross, filled a clothes hamper with items and then returned a previously purchased item before leaving with the unpaid items, according to a probable cause affidavit.  

When the employees attempted to physically stop the suspect, she allegedly urinated her pants and got urine on one of the worker’s pants as well, according to the affidavit. The workers say she then bit one of their wrists. That’s when she got away.  

Officers responded to the store on Commercial Dr. after being told Gross had fled in a white Jeep. Police say an officer in the area then spotted the SUV at the intersection of 116th St. and Commercial, initiated a traffic stop and detained Gross.  

Police say Gross has been positively identified as the suspect in the altercation and arrested on charges of battery resulting in a minor injury and theft with a prior conviction.  

The employees say the items Gross stole was worth a total of $710. The store was able to recover all of the property.

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