Monday, October 29, 2018

Demography's Destiny: Atlanta Journal Constitution Brags About How Declining Percentage of White Vote Will Ensure Non-White Candidates Win Elections

Demography's destiny. As the white percentage of the electorate in Georgia wanes, white conservatives become disenfranchised.  

And the Atlanta-Journal Constitution can barely contain their glee in reporting on this wonderful news. [Georgia’s voters become more diverse ahead of this year’s election,, 10-25-18]:  

The latest voting numbers released this week by the state present an updated look at how it has changed in recent years, in terms of race, gender and age. The figures were compiled after the October 9 voter registration deadline and analyzed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The voter registration figures tell a story that’s been unfolding for years: Georgia’s voting population's undergoing a consistent demographic shift that could influence which candidates and political parties win elections.  

In the race for governor, about 70% of white voters support Republican Brian Kemp and 92 % of black voters back Democrat Stacey Abrams, according to an AJC poll conducted this month. Election Day's November 6.  

More Georgians than ever are registered to vote — over 6.9 million out of the state’s total population of 10.4 million.  

As the state has steadily grown, so has its number of voters. About 1.2 million more people are registered to vote today than in 2010.  

The raw number of voters has increased among all racial groups as they’ve grown with the state. But some groups are increasing faster than others.  

African-Americans make up about 30% of the state’s active registered voters, about the same percentage as 2 years ago. Since 2010, the portion of black voters has inched up by about 1%.  

The share of white active voters in Georgia has been decreasing in recent years, from 62% in 2010 to 54% today.  

About 3% of the state’s registered voters are Hispanic, 2% are Asian-American and 1% are American Indian. Roughly 10% didn’t list a race on their voter registration forms.  

Age of the boomers and seniors. Baby boomers and senior citizens dominate Georgia’s registered voters, giving them an outsized role in deciding the state’s elections.  

Over 37% of the state’s voters were born before 1964. Those voters include senior citizens, the most dominant demographic age group in Georgia, with people over 65 making up 21% of the state’s registered voters.  

Registration numbers steadily decline among younger voters.  

Voters between the ages of 18 and 24 represent 9% of the electorate in Georgia.  

The state of Georgia was 71% white in 1990.  

Today, Georgia's roughly 52% white.  

Demography's destiny. What's happening in Georgia's also occurring nationwide.  

As the nonwhite population grows, white conservatives are effectively disenfranchised.  

Wake from your racial slumber, Republicans, where dreams of a colorblind society have instead birthed a nightmare where white people are increasingly a powerless, futureless people.

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