Monday, October 1, 2018

Disgusting: Italian university calls for the assassination of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini

This week at an event in Bologna, the far left Autonomous University Collective (CUA) debuted posters calling for the assassination of Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

The posters read the caption "Assassins. Take aim at this". With a photograph of Salvini in the crosshairs.

The group's justifying these calls for assassination by claiming "Today, from via Zamboni, the heart of the university area, the cry of hostility and contempt for racism and the supremacist policies put in place by the new interior minister in recent months has risen."

They've also said before that Salvini promotes "policies of hatred, exclusion and white supremacism". They claim this about Salvini and because of his populist policies on mass illegal migration from the 3rd world into Italy. I guess they haven’t figured out yet that populists do what's popular to the people.

The mayor of Bologna, Virgilio Merola, has denounced these posters saying, "Bologna doesn't threaten and doesn't hate anyone. Who does it is against Bologna. I certainly don't agree with Salvini’s policy, but I don't need to use words of hate."

The populist leader of La Lega has also denounced these posters and the far left campaign against Salvini; "In Bologna, the usual children of dads of the Self-managed social centres put a viewfinder on me with the inscription Assassin. What a pain. I think a few months of civilian or military service would do them good, what do you think?"

This is just the most recent attack on Salvini and the populist anti-3rd world migration movement throughout Europe which have included reporting Salvini for "hate crimes", riots and protests.

The far left terrorist anarchist group ‘Santiago Maldonado Cell’ has claimed responsibility for this latest attack.

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