Thursday, October 25, 2018

Early Voting Results Indicate Republican Turnout Crushing ‘Blue Wave’

Preliminary early voting results show the much-touted Democrat "Blue Wave" is being stamped out by massive Republican turnout, according to several polls.  

According to an NBC poll, Republicans are outpacing Democrats in 7 of 8 toss-up states, including Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Georgia, Montana, Tennessee and Texas.  

The high level of turnout by Republicans and Independents has prompted Democrats to quickly walk back the "Blue Wave" rhetoric.  

Real Clear Politics founder Tom Bevan said the preliminary results show the midterms are "not shaping up to be a big blue wave."  

"If you were talking about a blue wave you'd expect it to be cresting. Right? If a wave was coming you’d expect it to be building and building. Here we're 13 days out from the midterms and that’s not what I’m seeing," Bevan said on Varney & Co. Wednesday.  

"We’re seeing the president’s job approval rating going up. We’re seeing the generic ballot number holding, Democrats in the advantage but not building. And certainly in some of these swing districts we’re seeing a hand-to-hand combat, a race-by-race battle in these House districts around the country. And obviously in the Senate it seems to be moving in the Republican’s direction…Democrats may take the House but this is certainly not shaping up to be a big blue wave."  

Former Obama officials went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to break the news that the blue wave isn't manifesting.  

"This has always been 50-50. And the only way we win is if everybody gets off their couch and knocks on doors and makes phone calls and you get 3 friends to vote," Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor told Stephen Colbert Tuesday.  

In a bizarre show of desperation, he went on to say – with no evidence – that Republican "voter suppression tactics" are contributing to the lackluster Democrat early voting turnout.  

"What’s surprising is how brazen it is," Vietor replied. "These voter suppression tactics aren't new by any means."  

President Trump had dismissed prospects of a blue wave in August – even before the Kavanaugh circus and migrant caravan invasion.  

"Presidential Approval numbers are very good – strong economy, military and just about everything else. Better numbers than Obama at this point, by far. We're winning on just about every front and for that reason there won't be a Blue Wave, but there might be a Red Wave!" he wrote.

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