Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Famous US author harassed by ‘foreigners’ in Germany – Police refuse to help her

On the fringes of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the well-known US author Anna Todd made acquaintance with the current "way of life" in Germany.
She was harassed on Friday by a group of men in the lobby of her hotel so badly she had to cancel a book signing the next day out of fear.
The men verbally attacked Anna Todd and her group for hours and although they ran out of the hotel bar they came back again. These men were shouting "sad, stupid women they don't want to" said 29 year old Anna Todd when describing the verbal harassment.
The group weren't Germans, even though they spoke German with the staff at the hotel, Anna Todd said on her Twitter account.
The author raises serious allegations against the police, she was told to delete a video of the harassment.
"The officials told me they didn’t want to watch the video and if I didn’t delete it from Twitter immediately, they'd confiscate my mobile phone.", Anna Todd reports on how the police dealt with her.
"Since the perpetrators haven't been arrested and charged, Anna and the group with her feel unsafe and therefore won't sign books as promised at the book fair," said Heyne-Verlag.
"They love their German fans and hope for their understanding," according to Heyne-Verlag. As soon as the perpetrators are caught, Anna will catch up with the signing sessions.
The American writer became successful with her series of erotic novels entitled After International.

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