Sunday, October 14, 2018

Heart of French language is in Congo, French language doesn’t belong to the French people, says Macron

In a speech given for the 17th Francophonie summit, Emmanuel Macron spoke of Africa as being the "epicentre" of the French language, French newspaper Le Figaro reports.
Yesterday, the 17th Francophonie summit has kicked off in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Emmanuel Macron attended it and gave a speech.
"French language doesn’t belong to any of us but is the property of all" he started. He also located the epicentre of the French language as not being in France but in Africa.
"When I talk of the French language, I talk of all our French languages. It’s epicentre's neither to the right nor left of the Seine (Paris’s river). He’s without any doubt in the Congo Basin or somewhere in the region".
He also spoke of the english language as being a "language of consumption".
He finished his speech by reminding the French people that the French language isn't "France’s language anymore".

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