Wednesday, October 3, 2018

His Name's Brandon Arndt: White Man Who Helped Black Grandmother Executed by Her 3 Black Grandkids

Altruistic white guy murdered. His name's Brandon Arndt. 

He lived in a mobile home next to a black woman. He helped her maintain her home, picked up her groceries and assisted with her medications. 

The black woman had 3 black grandkids. She had a medical emergency and Brandon Arndt - her white next-door neighbor - tried to help. The 3 black grandkids believed Arndt had harmed their grandmother. 

After leaving the hospital, they went to his home and executed him. [Authorities: Rochester Shooting a 'Tragic Misunderstanding',, 10-2-18]:

Rochester TV station KAAL reports that authorities say Brandon Arndt, the victim of a Sept. 10 homicide, lived a "quite life." He was recovering from a medical condition and wasn't involved in any criminal activity.

Instead, they say his death was the result of a tragic misunderstanding.

"Everything that we've discovered in this investigation points that this was a tragic misunderstanding of assumptions," said Capt. John Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department. Arndt's described as a helpful neighbor to an elderly woman who recently moved in next door at Bob's Trailer Court. ??

Since she moved in, Arndt had helped her with grocery shopping, with her medication and did light maintenance in her home. The day before the shooting, the woman had a life-threatening medical emergency and was found in her home by family members in a "disturbing state," authorities said. ??

During the medical response, several members of her family came to her house. Arndt, too, went next door. He spoke with some of the woman's family and told them he had been helping her. He even offered to call 911 for her, but she declined.

"When he spoke to some of these family members, they weren't aware who he was or why he had previous contact with the medical victim," Sherwin said.

Some of those relatives believed that because of the way the woman was found, Arndt had something to do with her medical condition. Sherwin believes that was the motive for the shooting. "There's assumptions made about how this medical condition occurred and from that, we have a tragic set of circumstances that unfolded," he said.

After extensive investigative work, which included multiple interviews and review of surveillance video, police named Kielah Parson, Malcolm Woods, and Darien Klindworth-Woods as suspects.

All 3 have been charged with 2 counts of 2nd-degree murder. All 3 are related to the elderly woman who lived next door to Arndt. Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem must now sort through hundreds of pages of reports and interviews to try and determine whether or not this murder was a result of anger or premeditation.

"What's outlined in the complaint talks about ... a lot of family angst going on about a family member in the hospital," he said. He said it's possible that a grand jury will be convened in order to bring 1st-degree murder charges. Authorities have 2 weeks after the suspects' next court appearance to decide whether or not a grand jury will be convened.

So a white man tried to help his black neighbor, assisting her time and time again in routine chore, always prepared to lend a helping hand. Even as she was having a medical emergency, he tried to help. For this altruistic action, her 3 black grandkids executed him.

And outside of Minneapolis, no one will know his name. His name's Brandon Arndt.

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