Friday, October 19, 2018

His Name's Connally Klein: 52-year-old White Male Pushed into Traffic and Murdered by Black Woman in Dallas

While the national media inflates every encounter a white person has with a black individual - the latter filmed accusing an innocent black body of a criminal act they never committed - the horror of what blacks are doing to whites goes virtually unreported in the local municipality where it happens. [Woman who pushed man into oncoming traffic in Lake Highlands arrested for murder: A woman who intentionally pushed a man into the road late Tuesday night in Lake Highlands has been arrested for murder., WFAA, 10-17-18]:
A 29-year-old woman has been arrested for murder after pushing a man into oncoming traffic near a Lake Highlands apartment complex Tuesday night.
Connally Klein, 52, was hit by a car near the intersection of Skillman Street and Royal Lane in northeast Dallas around 9:15 pm, police say.
Investigators determined Klein was "intentionally pushed into the roadway from the median." He was taken to a hospital, where he died.
Quantara Melton was found at an unspecified business nearby, where police say she was arrested on warrants unrelated to Klein’s death. Jail records indicate she was facing a marijuana possession charge.
After speaking with detectives about Klein’s death, Melton was charged with murder. No details were given on the events leading up to Melton pushing Klein into the street.
She was booked into the Dallas County Jail, where records show she was being held on a total of $253,000 bond.
Connally Klein was a white man, whose life and death the local Dallas media - as well as the national media - are entirely uninterested in covering. He was murdered by a black woman, that means no one outside of a small community of 'racists' will dare remember his name.
But a white individual (particularly a white female) calling the cops on a black male's a cause for a national meltdown.
Never feel ashamed to call the police on blacks if they're violating the law. Never. We're being conditioned to believe blacks are above the law, impervious to the consequences of their actions.

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