Friday, October 12, 2018

Islam belongs to Merkel, but Merkel no longer belongs to Germany – AfD

The German political party Alternative for Germany (AfD), a party known for its tough stance on 3rd world immigration, has been calling for an end to the country’s open-door policy since 2015 when it was first started.
Religious freedom isn't an excuse for "polygamy, child and forced marriages, honour killings and beheadings
Merkel has turned a blind eye to the imports that her new arrivals have brought such as honour killings, gang rape and female genital mutilation.
AfD continues to shine a spotlight on the crimes committed by migrants that are encouraged by the Koran. Gottfried Curio of AfD has presented serval quotes for the Koran to display it’s incapability of mixing into German society.
"Women are a field for you. Go to them whenever you want...Allah has cursed the unbelievers and prepared the fire for them to burn…The unbelievers are the worst of all creatures, worse than cattle", a passage from the Koran brought up by Curio in a recent speech.
Citing quotes like this, AfD's requesting that the German government ban certain provisions of the Koran. The German government has pushed back against this move citing that the German constitution protects religious freedom for all.
But AfD claims that Islam and Sharia law are incompatible with German life and religious freedom is not an excuse for "polygamy, child and forced marriages, honour killings and beheadings".
Curio continued to push back against Merkel in the same speech saying, "Daily knife attacks, nightmares for women and Jews, bullying of German students, increasing no-go areas — these things didn’t exist prior to Merkel.
"If Merkel believes that Islam's a part of Germany, then we say: Islam belongs to Merkel, but Merkel no longer belongs to Germany".
Other German political parties have pushed back against AfD. Citing that there's many forms of Islam and that AfD's blaming all Muslims for the actions of some.
FDP politician Jürgen Martens has gone as far as to say that the Bible has some inflammatory quotes in it that could lead to extremism.
Although the Bible does have quotes that are inflammatory, we don’t see Christian terrorist attacks or terror groups constantly popping up everywhere that Christianity is. The same can't be said for Islam.
AfD continues to assure the public that they'll remain defiant of other political parties and push back against Islam in Germany.

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