Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Islamic State threatens to assassinate Pope Francis

It's understandable that the Islamic State would want to murder the most prominent exponent of Christianity, but in this the jihadis are being short-sighted. Pope Francis and the Catholic Church are among their best and most useful friends. Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar, thanked Pope Francis for his "defense of Islam against the accusation of violence and terrorism."  

Francis isn't just a defender of Islam, but a defender of the Sharia death penalty for blasphemy: after Islamic jihadists murdered the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who had drawn Muhammad, Francis obliquely justified the murders by saying that "it's true that you mustn't react violently, but although we're good friends if [an aide] says a curse word against my mom, he can expect a punch, it’s normal. You can’t make a toy out of the religions of others. These people provoke and then (something can happen). In freedom of expression there's limits."  

So for the Pope, murdering people for violating Sharia blasphemy laws is "normal," and it isn’t terrorism for "Christian terrorism doesn't exist, Jewish terrorism doesn't exist and Muslim terrorism doesn't exist. They don't exist," he said in a speech. "There's fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions—and with intolerant generalizations they become stronger because they feed on hate and xenophobia."  

So there's no Islamic terrorism, but if you engage in "intolerant generalizations," you can "expect a punch." The Pope, like the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, apparently thinks that the problem isn't jihad terror, but non-Muslims talking about jihad terror; Muslims would be peaceful if non-Muslims would simply censor themselves and self-impose Sharia blasphemy restrictions regarding criticism of Islam.  

For Pope Francis has no patience with those who discuss such matters: "I don’t like to talk about Islamic violence, because every day, when I read the newspaper, I see violence." He said, according to Crux, that "when he reads the newspaper, he reads about an Italian who kills his fiancĂ© or his mother in law." The pontiff added: "They're baptized Catholics. They're violent Catholics." He said that if he spoke about "Islamic violence," then he'd have to speak about "Catholic violence" as well.  

That comparison made no sense, for Italian Catholics who killed their fiancĂ©s or mothers in law weren't acting in accord with the teachings of their religion, while the Qur’an and Islamic teaching contain numerous exhortations to violence.  

But Pope Francis, defender of Islam, can't concern himself with such minutiae. Nor does he appear to be particularly concerned about the fact that all his false statements about the motivating ideology behind the massive Muslim persecution of Christians over the last few years only enables and abets that persecution, for if that ideology isn't identified and confronted, it'll continue to flourish.  

"Leave them; they're blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit." (Matthew 15:14)  

Article from Express
Extremist media group Al-Abd Al-Faqir has twice issued threats within the last week in a push for violence during the upcoming Christmas holiday season.  

The media group released online images threatening grenade attacks against the Pope. In the most recent depiction, a photo of Pope Francis from his visit to Auschwitz in 2016 is used.  

A gunman has his weapon pointed at the Pope with while wearing an ISIS wristband. The text "Don’t think you're away from our attacks" in on the image.  

Last year, another pro-ISIS group depicted a van full of weapons heading towards the Vatican and vowing "Christmas blood".  

Wafa Media foundation also released an image "beheading" Pope Francis and another one of a lone jihadist with a backpack, grenade and rile at St Peter’s Square. The message on the image told jihadists that "the crusaders’ feast is approaching".  

It continued without punctuation: "Their convoys will crowd itself in front of you prepare and plan for them show them the meaning of terrorism kill them and don't hold back with your blood the reward's paradise and let them know that you're from an ummah [Muslim community] where mountains bow down to we won't forget our revenge for every drop of blood that they've shed we won't exclude the young, elderly or women you're all in the crosshairs of our arrows and what's about to come is more even worse."

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