Sunday, October 14, 2018

‘Jihadists’ slaughter 3 refugee women in Greece – Including a young girl

‘Jihadist human traffickers’ slaughtered 2 women and a young girl in Evros Greece, local media say. Evros is near the Greek – Turkish border. Several points along it are being used as paths for human traffickers to sneak into Greece.  

A few days ago a farmer whose field's 50 meters along the border, faced a horrible spectacle. 3 young women were slaughtered near the river Evros, 2 of them were bound by the arms and legs, another victim was found 40 meters away.  

He immediately called the police. The police officers found a military type knife near the bodies which was used by the murderer.  

Coroner Pavlos Pavlidis stressed that he hasn't seen such a horrific scene in 18 years as a coroner:  

"I completed the first autopsy at the sight where they were found and the investigation continues. One woman's 18 to 20-years-old, the other's a kid and the 3rd is close to 35-years-old. The 3 victims are most likely related to one other. "The fact's that we're talking about criminal action," the coroner says. Tomorrow he'll perform a autopsy at the Alexandroupolis hospital, where the bodies have already been transported"  

Pythian Mayor Haris Theoharidis talked to the Greek news page newsit about the horrific crime and the residents reactions to that: "We expect to know officially what has happened. Usually such assassinations are works by Jihadists. We've never seen such a crime before in our region."  

"A farmer went to work in his field and found himself in front of this terrible sight. The 3 victims’ throats were slit. The locals are upset because such massacres are only made by jihadists, "says Mr. Theocharides and continued:  

"There could be no economic differences. Immigrants pre-pay the traffickers and then the traffickers pass them to Greece. I don't believe the motivation of the murder was financial."

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