Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kids as young as 5 are being raped and abused by migrants in Greek refugee camp

Kids as young as 5, are being sexually abused and exploited in all possible ways, in the Moria refugee camp of Lesbos, reports say.
MSF coordinator Declan Bary gave an interview to Newsweek about the situation in Moria refugee camp.
Since mid-May the number of sexual assaults at Moria refugee camp have skyrocketed. The "Olive Grove", an unprotected site for the overcrowded camp’s overflow, has hundreds of families living in tents.
According to Bary the MSF doctors record 1 rape case every week, that means that for the last 5 months at least 21 rapes have happened in Moria. The reports include abuse against kids involving penetrative rape, with some involving "inappropriate sexualised touching."
Among the victims are men, women and even little boys and girls, with 2 of them being only 5 years old.
Bary describes: "In one case a dad has just left his tent in order to get food for his family. As soon as he returned he found his own kid raped" According to him many of the victims have tried to commit suicide after the rapes.
"Not only one case can be accepted! further more when we talk about one case per week. We have to admit that this is a systematic problem here"
A 32-year-old woman from Afghanistan who lives with her kid inside the camp stated: "Its very bad, Moria isn't safe any more". She also reports that there kids are being raped and kidnaped inside the camp "All women and kids live in fear" she states.
A 21-year-old migrant states that gangs of adult men who live inside the camp are "buying" kids aged 12 and 13-years-old in order to have sex with them. "I heard some of them say: "I bought a young girl last night…"
Bary said that every time then the doctors face cases of sexual abuse they report them to the Mytilene police, then take the victims to hospital where they get psychological and medical help.
"Its a devastating experience for the parents that they get here on the expectations that they made the right choice in order to protect their kids, when they realise that they might have transported them to a far WORSE place."
At the same time the camps manager Ioannis Balbakakideclares that "There's no known rapes in Moria".

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