Sunday, October 14, 2018

Leftist German politician says ‘old white men’ threaten the future and could destroy Europe

Katharine Schulze, a far-left politician and leader of Germany’s Greens, held a Facebook rant against ‘old white men’.
Schulze, who's also a candidate in today’s elections in the state of Bavaria thinks old white man ‘gamble away the future’ and endanger Europe:
"Because I'm not in the mood, that old white men because they can’t deal with diversity gamble away our future. And I'm also not in the mood, that national small-minded thinkers destroy our Europe.
And I believe that we now finally need an uprising of the decent and moral. We need to show that we're more and that we're not in the mood for the policies of the CDU/CSU and SPD. Our country's capable of more.
And our country needs more. And that’s why I hope you will participate. For example on the 22.07 in Munich where we'll have a large demonstration for freedom democracy and our Europe and a good future for us all."

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