Saturday, October 27, 2018

LYING Democrat Jon Tester Says He Goes Hunting – But Hasn’t Had Hunting License in Over 6 Years

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) was Democrat point person behind the smears and destruction of Trump VA pick Admiral Ronny Jackson in April.
Tester accused Admiral Jackson of being repeatedly drunk while on duty "where his main job was to take care of the most powerful man in the world."
Tester also told CNN that Jackson was known as "the candy man" inside the White House and that during official overseas trips he'd hand out drugs to passengers to "put them to sleep and then give them the drugs to wake them back up again."
Admiral Ronny Jackson was the physician for George W. Bush, Barack Obama and then Donald Trump for 1 year.
Jackson received excellent reviews by the Bush and Obama administrations.
Tester’s accusations were complete garbage but Jackson was forced to resign from his promotion because the damage by Jon Tester and the Democrat media was too extensive.
That’s what Democrats like Jon Tester and their liberal media do. They lie and destroy good men.
Senator Jon Tester's up for reelection this year in Montana. Now this week Democrat Jon Tester told reporters he loves to hunting when he gets the chance. But he hasn’t had a hunting license in over 6 years.
Matt Rosendale, US Senate candidate for Montana (via Twitter):
Oh man, NRA D-Rated @JonTester really stepped in it tonight. Claims he goes hunting but hasn't had a hunting license in 6 YEARS! Just another Washington liberal
Donald Trump Jr. (via Twitter):
Jon, you know that hunting without a license isn’t hunting... its poaching! Stop lying & pretending you’re an outdoorsman. You’re not, but you are the #1 recipient of DC lobbyist dollars in DC so #MT should know that. I’d bet exactly 0 of those $ were for things to help #Montana

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