Saturday, October 27, 2018

Michael Moore applauds demise of white men

Old white men helped elect Donald Trump. That's about to change.
As America's skin tone turns browner, it's political outlook turns bluer. Michael Moore, a noted filmmaker with a reported net worth of about $50-million, looks forward to the demise of America's white population with anticipation.
Moore failed to mention that about 97% of advancements in arts and sciences can be attributed to Western culture that has been dominated by a white patriarchy.
Edward Jenner (white male), for example, discovered the vaccine for small pox and in so doing, saved the lives of millions of people of color.
Charles Best and Clark Noble, 2 white male Canadians, are credited with discovering a method to inject insulin into humans allowing those stricken with diabetes (an ailment common among blacks) to live.
White technology can be credited with controlling the Ebola virus that, had it gone unchecked, may have killed millions of Africans.
Virtually everything that surrounds us (wherever on the planet we happen to be) was either created by nature or invented by white men.
When white men (who are the product of white women) are subjugated and consigned to history's crematoria, the world's population will likely plunge into a new dark ages from which we may never recover.
The word for a hatred of men's misandry. I suppose automisandry would be a fitting neologism for those who, like Moore, hate their own gender.
From Washington Times:
"Right now a little over 2-3rds of the country who are eligible to vote are either women, people of color or young adults between 18-35. That’s the majority of America right now.
"And they'll determine the direction of the country," he continued. "These are the last days of the dying dinosaur, the old white man who has been making the decisions since the beginning of our time."

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