Thursday, October 18, 2018

Migrant family that beat Dutch police officer who was hospitalised, claim they're ‘the victims’

A Moroccan family that heavily fought with 2 Dutch police officers have asked for a counselling trajectory, newspaper De Telegraaf reports.  

In a viral video, the family's seen fighting with police officers with one officer being knocked to the ground. He had to be hospitalised (read further below).  

The police officers rushed to the scene after being notified of a kidnapping in Almere. A girl was forced into a car and the family was involved.  

While the police tried rescue the girl, a massive fight broke out. Mourad el O. knocked a police officer to the ground and is suspected of attacking another officer as well.  

3 family members of EL O. are also suspects in the case. They're seen ignoring police orders and resisting with violence.  

But now the Moroccan family claim that they're the victims and want a mediation trajectory, because they're suffering shock.  

The younger brother of EL O. says: "If I see a police van I feel that I have trouble breathing and I start shaking."  

According to the family’s lawyer the mom was too shaken to be present during the court case. He says the family has an image now "that the police is your biggest enemy".  

The 2 police officers say they don’t have a need for mediation. "These men have committed a criminal offence and should be punished," one of them says.  

The case has been postponed and will be heard in January next year.

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