Sunday, October 28, 2018

Minneapolis: Star Tribune hangs painting of corrupt, hijabbed, pro-Sharia Congressional candidate in its offices

Painting of Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar
in Star Tribune newspaper's head quarters

What was that you were saying about objective journalism?
Imagine the outcry if the Star Tribune hung a painting of a conservative Republican who opposed jihad terror in its offices. But this is likely the only time you’ll hear about this.
"EXCLUSIVE: Star Tribune Hangs Mural Of Democrat Candidate Ilhan Omar In Headquarters," by Laura Loomer, Big League Politics, October 27, 2018:
Can the Minneapolis Star Tribune be trusted with any real reporting when it comes to Ilhan Omar? Most probably not, given their love affair with the Somali immigrant woman who's currently running for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional district.
Big League Politics was recently tipped off by someone who visited Star Tribune’s office and took a picture of a painting of Ilhan Omar hanging on wall at the Minneapolis newspaper headquarters.
Next to the portrait there's a framed biography of Omar and a dramatic retelling of her journey from a refugee camp to Minnesota politics.
Among Omar’s greatest legislative achievements in the Minnesota House since she was elected in 2016:
  • Opposing a ban on insurance payments to suicide terrorists
  • Opposing a ban on Female Genital Mutilation.
That’s right, Ilhan Omar wants US insurance companies to pay out life insurance policies to jihadists who get killed while waging jihad overseas against the US and our allies. She’s also against banning Female Genital Mutilation – a barbaric Islamic practice of maiming young girls by cutting off their clitoris.
"Asked about having her portrait painted, Ilhan said since she was elected in 2016, all of a sudden she sees painting or drawings of her on social media quite frequently," the biography reads.
No doubt a celebrity politician has emerged in our midst and who are we not to be impressed with her?
Could it be because there's now strong evidence Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud and married her brother so she could get him into the US?
Recently, David Steinberg from PJ Media reported that official school records indeed support the claims she married her brother. Steinberg has turned his discoveries over to the US Attorney’s Office in Minnesota.
"As this implicates Rep. Omar in multiple state and federal felonies, I've contacted the US Attorney’s Office in Minnesota to submit all other information uncovered during our investigation," said Steinberg.
What about the multiple MN House Ethics Violations? Accepting payments for speaking at colleges she was going to vote on receiving subsidies from the state; using campaign resources for travel expenses and divorce fees.
These are the kind of things you won’t read about in the biography hanging on the wall at the Star Tribune, that pretends to be objective

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