Friday, October 26, 2018

Muslim association buys Italian church to transform it into 2nd mosque of Bergamo

A church in the Italian city of Bergamo will be transformed into a mosque, newspaper Il Giornale reports.
After the Muslim Association of Bergamo won an auction, it became the owner of a former hospital chapel.
For about 3 years the church housed the religious services of the Romanian Orthodox community, that's over 2,000 believers.
The auction was held yesterday and the Muslim Association won it thanks to a bid that was 8% higher than the starting price of 418,700 euros.
It'll take 90 days to finish the transfer and complete the process, the Italian newspaper writes.
Idir Ouchickh, president of the Islamic association, explained that the intention's to keep the site’s destination as a place of worship.
If built, the ex-Riuniti mosque will be the 2nd in Bergamo, after the one in Via Cenisio, officially recognised since 2013.
The League party of Interior Minister Salvini isn't amused and announced that they'll test the procedure.
"We'll go and check the proceedings of the auction to see if historical constraints have been imposed and if there's reasons to cancel the race itself", declared the representatives of the Bergamo League, the deputies Daniele Belotti and Alberto Ribolli.

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