Thursday, October 18, 2018

Netherlands: Islamic State jihadi on trial after posing next to beheaded body

Why was he allowed back into the Netherlands in the first place? Although Breitbart identifies him here as "Dutch," Oussama A. almost certainly doesn’t think of himself as Dutch, and almost certainly has nothing but contempt for the Dutch as unbelievers, "the most vile of created beings" (Qur’an 98:6). Oussama A. almost certainly thinks of himself as a member of the global umma, transcending all nationality and he joined an entity that's avowedly at war with the Netherlands and the free world in general. Why was he allowed back in?
"Alleged Islamic State Terrorist Tried for War Crimes in Netherlands After Posing With Severed Head," by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, October 17, 2018:
A suspected Dutch jihadist who travelled to Syria, has gone on trial after allegedly posing next to a beheaded body in a photo posted on Facebook.
The man, who's now back in the Netherlands, was arrested in July after allegedly fighting and recruiting for the Islamic State terror group.
The 23-year-old, known as Oussama A., comes from Utrecht and could be found guilty of war crimes, Dutch press claims.
He's already been sentenced to 6 years in jail in Turkey for membership of a terrorist organisation, but was released whilst awaiting an appeal, Algemeen Dagblad reports.
He's on trial in the Netherlands along with another suspected jihadist, 24-year-old Reda N., who's described as Syrian but comes from the Dutch city of Leiden.
The pair arrived back in the Netherlands at the beginning of summer, flying into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where they were arrested and detained.
It's very unusual for someone to be tried and convicted for the same crime twice; however, Dutch lawyers argue that he hasn't yet been charged with recruiting others to the cause or for the war crime charge relating to the beheading image.
"In addition, the lawsuit in Turkey hasn't yet been completed, so we can also prosecute," a spokesman told Algemeen Dagblad.
But a lawyer for the 2 men, Yasar Ă–zdemir, said the Dutch prosecution was "unnecessary" and could be politically motivated.
"The case is still running in Turkey. If they're convicted there, they have to serve the rest of their sentence in the Netherlands," he said

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