Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Nigeria: Muslims slaughter 17 Christians, including 4 kids and 1 grandmother, in jihad raid

17 Christians, including 4 kids and 1 grandmother, were shot dead last week by Fulani radicals who raided their homes in Jos, Nigeria. 

Morning Star News reported that the attack happened on Thursday evening, when the gunmen broke into homes and began shooting at anyone they saw. 

Lucky Kogi, one of the survivors, revealed that 2 of his kids and 14 members of his extended family were killed in the slaughter. 

Rogu Audu, another witness whose mother and 2 kids were murdered in the attack, said, "When the Fulani herdsmen came, they shot into the house randomly, breaking and forcing their way into rooms, shooting defenseless women and kids and anyone in sight." 

Audu claimed that Nigerian army soldiers accompanied the Fulani attackers who were armed with both firearms and machetes. 

"The Fulani herdsmen came from the Wild Life Park, which shares a border with our community," Audu said. "The park's located in the southern flank of Rukuba Road and has rocky hills, that provided the attackers with cover to enable them to invade our community." 

The man revealed that all the casualties were members of the local Evangelical Church Winning All. 

Other residents said that wounded family members who suffered cuts on their heads, faces and hands, are receiving treatment at the Bingham University Teaching Hospital in Jos. 

Thousands of Christians have been killed this year in Fulani attacks, with some of the deadliest raids occurring in and around Jos. Over 200 believers were slaughtered in some of the biggest incidents there in June, displacing at least 3,000 people….

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