Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Once peaceful British town shows crimes increase by 2 3rds in just 1 year

Coventry, a once peaceful, working class, English town has seen a huge 2-3rd increase in its crime rate over the past year.
In just under 8 months there were a reported 891 robberies in the town including muggings and armed theft. That figure's up 62% from 2016 when 549 incidents were recorded.
This has coincided with a huge influx of migrants in the past 3 years as well as huge reductions in police numbers.
In 2017 the town saw an increase of over 50,000 extra residents, mainly migrants. Many are pointing out the rise in crime could be attributed to the arrival of the migrants.
Homicides have increased by 14%, knife crime by 9% and there was also an 18% increase of sexual crimes.
Another cause could be the lack of police on the streets. Underfunding since 2010 has led to a huge reduction of officers. The conservative party who were once the party of law and order seem to have abandoned that staple policy, leading to a lawless Britain.

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