Friday, October 19, 2018

Over half of German Citizens Want to Leave Country Due to Merkel's Open-Border Policies

Over half of German citizens living under Angela Merkel's seemingly disastrous open-border regime want to leave the country, according to Die Welt - referring to a YouGov survey commissioned by financial services provider Transferwise. The survey was conducted from September 19-21 and asked 2109 adults the following questions:  

"Would you like to live abroad sometime (outside Germany)? Compared to 2 years ago - is it more or less likely that you'll live abroad or is there no difference? Which of the following are reasons why you want to move abroad? (Multiple answers possible)."  

A 3rd of the citizens who answers the questions in the survey said they'd like to leave Germany forever, while 13% said they'd leave for 2-5. The remaining 9% said they leave Germany for no more than a year.  

The reason behind these answers seems to be because of Germans desiring a more stable political situation, that they're currently not getting. Angela Merkel's battling for her political life with almost half of German voters wanting the Chancellor to quit, according to a new poll back in June.  

Those who said they'd emigrate stated their objective was to have a peaceful and more untroubled life in another country (38%)  

Other reasons included a higher quality of life (33%) and better weather (31%). Last month Neon Nettle reported German citizens taking to the streets in their thousands to protest the deadly stabbing of a 22-year-old German man at the hands of 2 Afghan nationals in the town of Chemnitz.  

Merkel was heckled during a Bundestag debate by the head of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party (AfD), Alexander Gauland, accusing her deeply dividing Germany with her 'insane' immigration policy.  

Gauland also accused Merkel of endangering peace and spreading fake news by suggesting far-right protesters where housing foreigners through the streets.

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