Sunday, October 14, 2018

Record low unemployment in Hungary – Orbán: We're no longer “losers” but proud patriots

Since Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s party Fidesz gained the majority in the Hungarian Parliament, the country’s unemployment rate has fallen to 3.5%.
And according to Orbán, it's now time for Hungarians to see themselves as winners.
In 2010, national conservative Fidesz got 52.3% of the votes in Hungary and as a result 263 of 386 seats in Parliament.
Back then, Hungary had an overall unemployment rate of 11%. But thanks to the government’s "serious commitment", as Viktor Orbán puts it, the figure has been reduced to 3.5%.
8 years ago, youth unemployment was at almost 30%, but today it's fallen to less than 10%. In the last year alone, 90,000 new jobs for young people have been created.
According to Viktor Orbán, the "national self-confidence" that the government has prioritised to build with the Hungarian people, is strongly linked to the economic successes.
He argues that Hungary used to be a country with a loser mentality, but not anymore. Now, it's entered a new patriotic era, where the Hungarians are proud and see themselves as winners.
If we want to continue to be as successful as we've been in recent years, a change of culture's needed. Instead of a culture of losers, we must promote a culture of winners, he says.
Instead of self-hatred, we're now on a foundation of patriotism, he continues and points out that a culture of patriotism should be taught in schools and permeate both politics and cultural and economic life.
The Prime Minister also points out that Hungary shouldn't have "neutral values", but "Christian" ones.

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