Sunday, October 21, 2018

Salvadoran ‘Immigrant,’ Public School Teacher Brutally Raped Woman In Maryland

WHEATON, MD (ABC7) — A DC Public Schools teacher promised to help a woman learn English and assist in her quest for US citizenship, but instead raped her to the point she needed reconstructive surgery, Montgomery County Police allege in court documents obtained by ABC7.  

Last Tuesday morning, an employee at the Wendy’s near the Westfield Wheaton Mall found a woman lying unconscious in a patch of decorative bushes outside of the fast food restaurant.  

Medics took the woman to Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center in Rockville where staff performed a sexual assault forensic exam. That test revealed multiple cuts and hematomas around and within the woman’s genitalia, which required surgery. Additionally, there was significant bruising on the woman’s breasts and her body was generally sore.  

"As of [11 pm Wednesday, the victim] was still in surgery due to the severe nature of her injuries," detectives wrote in court documents, noting that the wounds were noticeably fresh.  

The victim would later tell investigators that she had met a man named Rudy Gonzalez at her place of work. Gonzalez, who's a native of El Salvador, had suggested he could help the woman learn English and obtain her US citizenship. Eager for the assistance, the woman agreed to meet Gonzalez at the Wheaton Mall. The 47-year-old reportedly took the woman to his home along the 3300 block of Pendleton Drive, a short 1-mile car ride away. 

The woman told police that although her memory was fuzzy, she vividly recalled Gonzalez serving her a few "unidentified beverages" in his living room. Those drinks caused her to pass out and consequently, black out. The woman’s next recollection was waking up to Gonzalez shaking her body around 7 am the following day. She was in his bed, fully naked. 

"[The victim] felt extremely disoriented and had intense pain in her lower belly, vagina, anus and breasts," investigators wrote in court documents. "Gonzalez handed her clothing to her, that he stated he washed for her."  

Detectives spoke with the victim’s brother who described the angst he felt when his sister didn't return home on the night of Oct. 8, which she had planned to do. Instinct led the man to track his sister’s cell phone to Pendleton Drive in Wheaton, but he didn't know which residence she was at. He gave up and returned home, assuming she wasn't in dire straits.  

Gonzalez agreed to share his side of the story with police. As he explained it, he and the victim tossed back numerous shots of tequila at his home. He had 5 and she had 7. Gonzalez stated that while the victim appeared inebriated, she "willingly participated" in a variety of sexual acts, including intercourse. Gonzalez further detailed helping the victim shower 3 separate times to rid her body of blood, semen and vomit.  

"Gonzalez stated that throughout the night he was worried that [the victim] might accuse him of raping her due to her intoxication level," detectives jotted down during the interview. "He woke her up in the morning and dropped her off at the Wendy’s located at the Wheaton Plaza at her request."  

Within a day of that sit-down meeting, authorities charged Gonzalez with 2nd-degree rape, 3rd-degree sex offense, 1st-degree assault and 2nd-degree assault. All told, the 4 charges pack a punch of up to 65 years in prison. 

During his bond review last week, a prosecutor with the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office stated, "This is one of the most violent rapes the state has seen in some time."

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