Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Salvini calls Macron an “international embarrassment” after France drops off migrants in Italian woods

For all his pious posturing, Macron doesn’t want the migrant inundation, either, but that doesn’t stop him from endlessly virtue-signaling as he drives France over the cliff.
"France deliberately dropped off migrants in Italian woods, Salvini says," RT, October 16, 2018 (thanks to Norbert):
Italian anti-immigration leader Matteo Salvini has labeled French President Emmanuel Macron an "international embarrassment" after policemen were spotted dropping off migrants in an Italian forest on the countries’ shared border.
The right-wing Northern League party leader and the country’s Interior minister said the French authorities’ drop off of the migrants in Italian territory "is an unprecedented offence against Italy" and said in an Instagram post on Tuesday that "we don’t accept apologies".
A French gendarmerie police van last Friday was seen dropping off the 2 men, believed to be of African origin, in Italy’s Claviere woods. A French official said the incident was a "mistake" at the hands of the officers who were new to patrolling the area.
"Abandoning immigrants in an Italian forest can't be considered a mistake or an incident," Salvini said.
He went on to question whether international organizations such as the UN and Europe "don’t find it ‘sickening’ to leave people in an isolated area with no assistance.
"We're faced with an international shame and Mr (Emmanuel) Macron can't pretend nothing has happened," Salvini went on. "We don’t accept the apology."

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