Sunday, October 21, 2018

Study reveals 72% of French youngster want to leave France

Better career opportunities, a stable political situation or even a better climate… A lot of reasons are behind France’s youth desire to leave their country.  

Of France’s 18-24-year-olds, 72% are contemplating leaving France, reveals a Yougov study.  

Around 2.5 million French were expatriates in 2017, says the Foreign Ministry. This number doubled since 2000, when it was around 1 million.  

But now, this number's about to grow even more as now France’s youth majority want to leave France. This will to leave's motivated primarily by finding better "career opportunities" (40%) and seeking "new adventures" (46%).  

There's other reasons besides better career opportunies or new adventures, like "the price of a plane ticket", a "stable political situation" in the country they'd arrive in and a "nice climate" too.  

If these criterias are filled, 23% of French people are willing to leave France for good. This study can be related to what we reported yesterday, on the "French flight" to Hungary.

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