Wednesday, October 31, 2018

White man bashed by 3 Africans thugs who were robbing a store

A brave man was viciously bashed by 3 teenage thugs on Monday in a shocking attack after he confronted them for stealing mobile phones from a shop.
Shocking footage filmed outside the Vodafone shop in Melbourne, Victoria, captured the 3 teens chasing the victim into the street - before 1 of them punches him to the ground. One of the youths then throws a chair at him before all 3 start kicking the man.
A witness who saw the attack unfold just after 5:30pm said the victim's choice to confront the group of youths left him 'bleeding from his ear and face.'
Victoria Police said they're not investigating the incident as a complaint hadn't been made.
A staff member at the same Vodafone store was attacked by 2 thugs during a recent robbery.

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