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White Man Living in 85% White Community Within 70% Black Baltimore Murdered by 2 Blacks

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No where's safe in a 70% black city.
Not even a white enclave within this 70% black city. Riverside's an 85% white and it's where a white man was hunted down and murdered by 2 blacks.
His name's Timothy Moriconi.
[Baltimore Police charge 23-year-old man in fatal shooting near Federal Hill, Baltimore Sun, 10-4-18]:
Baltimore police have arrested and charged a man in the death of Timothy Moriconi, the 25-year-old gunned down outside his home last week in Riverside, near Federal Hill.
Deandre Devon Sleet, 23, attempted to rob Moriconi as he was walking home on Riverside Avenue before fatally shooting him, police spokesman T.J. Smith said at a news conference Thursday. Sleet was part of a pair police think are responsible for a series of robberies across the city.
He was charged with 1st- and 2nd-degree murder, robbery and multiple handgun violations, among other charges. Police also charged Kiara Treasure Wesley, 23, of Baltimore with a handgun violation in the case. Additional charges are pending against her, Smith said.
Last week, Moriconi left a relative’s house and was almost home when one gunshot pierced the side of his head at about 7:22 pm Thursday.
It wasn’t the 1st time Moriconi had been the victim of an attempted robbery. Last year, he recounted his experience being robbed at gunpoint and chasing his assailants until they dropped his phone.
"Moral of the story is, be careful, no matter what neighborhood you’re in, always be aware of your surroundings," he wrote in a neighborhood Facebook group.

It’s unclear whether he resisted the robbery when he was killed last week.
"We don’t know for certain that Mr. Moriconi fought back but the possibility and probability exists that he did," Smith said.
Video surveillance helped police track down a car — a compact Chevrolet with temporary tags — where Sleet and Wesley was found along with a gun that matched the bullet used to shoot Moriconi, Smith said. The suspects were arrested without incident, he said.
Moriconi’s killing has rattled the South Baltimore neighborhood, among the least likely to suffer gun violence in Baltimore. A vigil for Moriconi drew dozens of mourners last week and hundreds of neighbors from the peninsula turned out Monday for a crime walk, where Mayor Catherine Pugh defended her administration’s strategy to combat crime.
"This case wouldn't have been solved without significant community involvement," Smith said.
Sleet was also charged in a robbery in Northeast Baltimore and police believe he and Wesley were involved in other street robberies.
"It appears that he'd conduct the robbery and she'd drive the getaway car," Smith said. "We think that they’re linked to additional robberies that occurred in the city; unfortunately this one ended in violence."
Smith said the investigation into Moriconi’s death is ongoing.
Sleet was convicted in October 2017 in Anne Arundel County of misdemeanor drug distribution charges, online court records show. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison, with 6 and a half years suspended — time that hangs over his head if he re-offends.
Before that, in 2013, Sleet pleaded guilty to armed robbery and got a sentence of 5 years with all but 2 years suspended, according online court records.
Moriconi was 1 of 37 people killed in Baltimore in September, the city’s most violent month since May 2017. On Monday, interim Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle said the reasons for the month’s killings varied: Some were random, others resulted from robberies or were tied to disputes and at least 2 were domestic in nature.
Remember Robert Ponsi? He was a server at James Joyce Pub in Baltimore. He was fatally stabbed by a group of black males in January of 2016. One of the black males who participated in the execution of Ponsi was the son a community activist.

Remember Kimberly Leto? She was a bartender at O'Donnell's Pub in Baltimore. She was murdered by 2 black males in 2014. One of the black males who murdered her was the son of a police dispatcher.
The white working class in 70% black Baltimore has no community to support them, nor advocacy group to promote their interests.
Whites represent under 25% of the population of Baltimore, when in 1917 whites represented nearly 90% of the city's residents.
It was a world-class city then; now, it's nothing more than another Mogadishu in the making.
At some point in the not too distant future, the wrong white man's going to be the attempted victim of a mugging/robbery by black suspects.
The outcome will be far, far different than the terrible fate forced integration had for Timothy Moriconi.
In a city where black on white murder (crime) happens far, far too frequently, one gets a glimpse of what life will be like for the coming white minority all across America.

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