Thursday, October 25, 2018

White Racists Screaming “N*gg*r!” Threaten Black GOP Poll Worker with Gun – At Polling Station

GOP poll worker Derek Partee called police on Wednesday after he was threatened by racists brandishing a gun at a a Mecklenburg County polling place.
Derek Partee's a black Republican. Police later arrested 1 man and intend to press charges.
The Herald Online reported:
Early voting nearly turned violent in Charlotte on Wednesday, when a Republican volunteer was confronted by a man who showed a gun at a Mecklenburg County polling place, police said.
Derek Partee, who's black, said 3 white people angrily approached him at the Steele Creek polling place, that's southwest of Charlotte near Carowinds.
Partee posted photos of the 3 on Facebook, including a photo where 1 heavily tattooed man can be seen openly carrying a pistol in a hip holster. Partee said he called the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and filed a report.
Quote from Derek L Patree's Facebook:
"Down here in Steele Creek working the polls just threatened by 2 white males in a white female who called me a Nigger, Black piece of shit and he exposed his weapon. I had to back off and call CMPD, folks are getting bold and forward in the time."
In a news release late Wednesday, CMPD said it had 1 person in custody who officers intended to charge in the case. The 2 others who were with the suspect won't be charged because police determined they violated no laws.

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