Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Final Gallup Poll: Majority of Americans Think Republicans Will Retain the House

Despite almost every poll predicting that Democrats will win the House today, a final Gallup survey finds that the majority of Americans believe Republicans will retain control of Congress.
Respondents were asked, "Regardless of how you, yourself, plan to vote, which party do you think will win control of the US House of Representatives in the congressional elections this fall?"
According to the results, 50% of Americans think Republicans will retain control of the House, compared to 44% who think Democrats will win enough seats to gain victory.
Every single prediction Americans have made over the last 10 such midterm election years between 1946 and 2014 has come true.
The poll also found that 61% of Americans think Republicans will retain the Senate compared to 33% who think Democrats will take control.
As we reported yesterday, the Real Clear Politics average of polls has Democrats 7.3% ahead in the race for Congress, however, a shock Rasmussen poll contradicted all others by putting Republicans 1% ahead.
This is drastically different to other polls, such as one published by CNN, that has Democrats 13% ahead.

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