Saturday, November 17, 2018

French teen dies after ‘refugee’ stabs him 23 times for no reason

A 19-year-old French teen's been brutally murdered in a friend’s home after a ‘refugee’ complained about loud noise.  

The victim, Baptiste, was leaving the apartment of a friend, when a stranger confronted him in the staircase over too much noise.  

Baptiste and a friend told the man ‘they had nothing to do with it’. Then the stranger suddenly stabbed him 8 times in the throat and 15 times elsewhere. His terrified friend managed to intervene but help came too late for the 19-year-old French teen.  

The incident happened on 15 September, but it's now been revealed by his parents that a refugee was responsible for the fatal attack.  

"The murderer of my son, still presumed innocent, left his country because there was a war and he came here to have peace," Baptiste’s dad says.  

"Unfortunately he killed my son, it’s not peace he was looking for, it’s another war he brought. I’m angry because the State should've protected my son, the government should've protected my son, because we can't allow people like this to act in this way.  

"They did nothing, nothing, not even news, not even a gesture, nothing. It’s a shame, I'm French, it’s a shame, a shame for my country, I’m disgusted," his father sadly says below.

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