Sunday, November 18, 2018

German state sponsored broadcaster NDR makes propaganda for Antifa

NDR TV show appearing to show stickers that say FCK NZS(fuck Nazis) and antifa logos

The state sponsored media outlet NDR's featuring a police show called Polizeiruf 110 "Police call 911". In the show the lead actress, a female officer's shown in her office with many left-wing symbols.
The Antifa flag's clearly visible but that is not all. In the office a rainbow flag, an exit from nuclear energy, FCK NZS and FCK AfD (short for F*ck Nazis and F*ck AfD) stickers can be seen.
Leif-Erik Holm the Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary group of the AfD stated:
"Apparently, it's now common courtesy for the public broadcasters to openly spread Antifa propaganda and to scream against the AfD.
"It can't be that especially a public-service broadcaster financed by a compulsory charge constantly incites against a democratic party just because the ladies and gentlemen of the GEZ radio fee millionaires believe their unqualified private opinion's the measure of all things".
They'll lodge a formal complaint against the NDR. Martin Hess, former Police Chief Inspector and Deputy domestic spokesman of the AfD demanded clarification on who's responsible for this from the parent company, ARD.
He further stated that the police would never align itself with enemies of the free democratic constitutional order. An angry compulsory payer made a picture showing all symbols and tweeted: "More left-wing symbols are hardly possible. Why do I even have to finance this sh*t anymore?"
The creators of the series responded with a statement on Facebook claiming the interior of the office has looked like this for the last 9 years. A difficult feat unless one's in possession of a time machine because the AfD was only founded in 2013.

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