Thursday, November 8, 2018

Illegal Alien Drug Dealer Caught With 9 Pounds Of Cocaine In North Carolina

FORSYTH COUNTY, NC (The Winston-Salem Journal) – A Winston-Salem man will spend up to 18 years in prison after he was convicted Wednesday on charges that he trafficked cocaine, according to a news release from the Forsyth County District Attorney’s Office.
Hector Rodriguez Noyola pleaded guilty in Forsyth Superior Court to 1 count of trafficking cocaine by possession, 1 count of trafficking cocaine by transportation and 1 count of possession with the intent to sell and deliver cocaine.
Forsyth County prosecutors said that on September 8, 2017, Winston-Salem police officers watched a house they said was being used for the storage and distribution of illegal drugs. The officers saw Noyola go into the house, that was in the 1500 block of East 24th Street, carrying several bags containing packages. Then Noyola left the house later in a silver Mercedes Benz.
Officers stopped the vehicle and arrested Noyola on an outstanding warrant for an unrelated charge. During an interview with police, Noyola admitted to transported a pound of cocaine that was hidden in a floorboard of the car. He also told police that the bags he had been carrying into the house had 11 pounds of cocaine and that another 4.5 kilograms of cocaine were still at his house. Police searched the house and seized the 9 pounds of cocaine.
Judge Edwin Wilson of Forsyth Superior Court sentenced Noyola to serve a minimum of 14 years and 7 months with a maximum of 18 years and 6 months.

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