Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Illegal Electioneering Caught on Camera in Pennsylvania, Voter Told Not to ‘Make a Fool of Themself’ When They Complained

A video posted to Twitter on Tuesday appears to show "VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT" signs posted on the doors of a poll location — that's illegal under Pennsylvania election laws.  

It's illegal in Pennsylvania for campaign materials to be distributed or displayed within 10 feet of a polling place entrance. No campaigning's permitted within the polling place.  

"THIS IS ELECTION TAMPERING. I was sent this video by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, I've blurred the reflections to obscure their identity. The attendant told this person ‘Don’t go making a fool of yourself’, after they complained… THIS MUST GO VIRAL," the popular Twitter user Carpe Donktum posted along with the video.  

The person who took the video wanted to remain anonymous, but claims in screenshots of a Dischord chat provided to the Gateway Pundit that they were told "don’t go making a fool of yourself," when they complained to a poll volunteer.
voting booth in Pennsylvania with sign that says
which is illegal

The voter stated that they own a business and want to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation. They also said that they've been attempting to report the violation, but the phone number's been busy. 

The incident appears to have taken place in Ward 19 of Pennsylvania’s District 9. It's one of the reddest districts in the state. 


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