Thursday, November 8, 2018

In Midterms, Senator Ted Cruz Received More of the Black Vote in Texas Than Black Republican John James Did in His Senate Race in Michigan

Shot. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the Republican incumbent, received 11% of the black votes cast in the 2018 midterms. He defeated the Democrat.

Chaser. John James, the black Republican candidate for the US Senate in Michigan, received 8% of the black vote. He lost to the Democrat.

In a state where 75% of the electorate, the black Republican candidate only got 53% of the white vote.
Winning 66% of the white vote, as Ted Cruz did in Texas, would've been a landslide victory for James in Michigan.
Moral of the story: there's no #Blexit. Running black candidates won't appeal to either blacks or as Michigan proves, the white-working class or barely more than a majority of whites at all.
It's time for the GOP to understand increasing the white percentage of the electorate's the pathway to not only victories, but landslide victories. And, saving something of the United States of America.
Chasing after the black vote's nothing more than a sunk cost.

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