Thursday, November 15, 2018

Refugee suspected of murdering Jewish German millionaire who helped him and gave him a home

A ‘perfectly integrated’ Syrian refugee's suspected of murdering a man who helped him integrate and gave him a home in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
German millionaire Michael R. has always been concerned about the refugee problem and wanted to help.
In 2015 Michael met Syrian refugee Mohammed Omran A., whom he often helped and even allowed him move into his house.
Mohammed was seen as a very well integrated refugee. His German teacher said that his resilience was high and he was quickly adapting in German society. His teacher even called him a "whiz kid" and an "example refugee" as he learned German within 6 months. The Syrian refugee also worked in refugee cafes and clothing stores.
When Mohammed wanted to marry a Syrian woman his friend Michael provided him with a new house.
In order to repay Michael, Muhammad expressed his willingness to be a decorator, decorating his new home, so Michael shouldn't have to pay any workers.
Mohammad held a wedding shortly after moving into his new home and the noise of the wedding was extreme, as it alarmed the neighbours.
It’s not clear what happened next, but on 3 November, Michael was found dead. According to the police Mohammed's the main suspect and he's been arrested. The Syrian denies the crime, but the investigation into the case continues.

Searchlight Germany speculates that Mohammed Omran Albakr murdered his sponsor, Michael Riecher, because he discovered that Riecher was a Jew and had sponsored the renovation and restoration of a synagogue. That may be. In any case, this is yet another manifestation of migrant gratitude and a warning sign of the dangers of importing large numbers of people whose holy book exhorts them to "kill them wherever you find them" (cf. Qur’an 2:191, 4:89, 9:5).

More and more new facts emerge in the murder case Michael Riecher. The investigating homicide commission's now apparently certain that the Syrian asylum seeker, who Riecher accommodated, also murdered him. The initially allegedly good relationship between the Syrian asylum seeker and Michael Riecher had suddenly become troubled. Was it perhaps because Michael Riecher was working for the sponsoring association for the renovation and restoration of the synagogue of the town of Horb ? And that the asylum seeker Mohammed Omran Albakr, accused of murder, became aware of it? The daily newspaper "Schwarzwälder-Bote" reported on Riecher’s commitment to the synagogue:

"The citizens of Horb are now being asked to make donations: until April 2015, they can support the permanent exhibition in the Jewish Prayer Hall Museum. Every euro received is doubled by Michael Riecher."

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