Friday, November 9, 2018

Sex attacks up 70% in just 1 German city – “You can’t really do anything alone anymore”

Freiburg's a city that's been rocked by migrant related incidents. On October 14th this year, a teen girl was raped by 7 Syrians and 2 years ago teen Maria Ladenburger was raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant.
The incidents have made German women in Freiburg and elsewhere more fearful and they have a point. According to a report of broadcaster RTL Germany, the number of sex attacks in the city have increased by 70%.
A police officer says sexual offences have dramatically increased in Freiburg and adds that Germans are perpetrators as well.
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"The last 2 years it's changed for the worse," 2 interviewed girls say. "You can’t walk alone in the city," she adds.
"You can’t really do anything alone anymore, you can’t be at work without being afraid. Of course it's now worse than before," another girl says.

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