Monday, November 12, 2018

The GOP Commits Suicide in Florida: 418,000 Black Criminals Now Eligible to Vote in 2020 After Their Voting Rights Restored

Florida voters during Tuesday’s midterm elections approved Amendment 4, automatically restoring voting rights in the state for people previously convicted of felonies.
Florida’s Amendment 4 restores voting rights for people in the state convicted of felonies as long as they have completed their sentences, although anyone convicted of murder or felony sex offenses would be excluded.
Based on the Sentencing Project’s 2016 estimates, this benefits over a million people. The organization estimated in 2016 that nearly 1.5 million people in Florida have completed felony sentences but can’t vote — about 9.2% of the voting-age population in Florida. The total, though, includes some people convicted of murder and felony sex offenses, so not every one of those people benefits under Amendment 4.
Black people, who are disproportionately arrested and incarcerated, will benefit the most. In 2016, over 418,000 black people out of a black voting-age population of over 2.3 million or 17.9% of potential black voters in Florida, had finished sentences but couldn’t vote due to a felony record, according to the Sentencing Project. (Again, this includes some people convicted of murders and felony sex offenses.)
The amendment was officially supported by Floridians for a Fair Democracy, that gathered over 1.1 million petitions to put it on the ballot. It received bipartisan endorsements from the ACLU and the Koch brothers–backed Freedom Partners.
Most states have at least some voting restrictions for people convicted of felonies. Most often, the law bars people who are currently in prison from voting. Some prohibit voting until a person finishes parole or probation, too.
Criminal Justice Reform's just another push to disenfranchise white conservatives via diversity.
Once you commit a felony, you should lose access to the franchise forever. Instead, in Black-Run America (BRA), we must advocate for primarily black criminals to have more rights than the law-abiding.

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