Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Woman gang raped in Swedish playground by 3 Africans

A 25-year-old woman's been gang raped by Africans in a playground in central Stockholm. The woman contacted the police herself on Friday, who then arrested the 3 men the same evening.  

The arrest warrants show that the men are 18, 20 and 29 years old. 2 are citizens of Somalia and the 3rd in Eritrea. One of them needs interpreting in Somali and another in Arabic. That means that they most likely are newly arrived migrants.  

2 of them are previously convicted. The 18-year-old's committed assaults and drug offences. The 20-year-old's convicted of several cases of theft and drug offences.  

One of them's also suspected of a rape that took place in February. After the gang rape, they robbed the woman of her belongings, for which they were also arrested.  

They've admitted that all 3 had sex with the woman but argue that this was done voluntarily. Therefore denying the crimes. If the robbery was voluntary or not the story doesn't reveal.

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