Saturday, December 22, 2018

Black student caught on video beating up white substitute teacher

Nothing's changed because DNA doesn't changed. The substitute teacher's white. The attacker's black. Some of the black students in the class go ape as they watch with apparent glee.  

What we learn is:  

• This is why schools were racially segregated in some parts of America. Segregation wasn't white racism, but a response to black racism and violence. Separate but equal was a logical, workable solution to black violence.  

• Every school teacher should be required to work at least 2 years in a black majority school as a prerequisite to obtaining a teaching certificate.  

• In spite of all the far-left indoctrination saturated by college students, many are red-pilled once they find themselves immersed in real-world schools where they must contend with black rascality.  

• Imagine the media firestorm had a white student been recorded assaulting a black teacher.  

A cellphone captured a student attacking a Dallas ISD teacher in front of the class. 

The scary encounter happened Thursday at Skyline High School. The substitute teacher wasn't seriously hurt.  

The video doesn’t reveal what started the classroom confrontation or how long it had been going. It shows the student pushing the teacher back and the teacher raising his left leg in response. In a flash, the student's on top of him, shoving the teacher to the floor and punching and kicking him.  

DISD says the teacher received minor injuries and was treated by the school’s nurse. Association says the video points out how much bigger the student is than the teacher.  

"That’s a very frightening thought," she said. "So many of our students in secondary schools are large individuals. They’ve just grown. It's a scary situation for both male and female."  

Honea says that many teachers have asked for the district to provide them with self-defense training.  

"I know many staff in our schools would love that kind of training because it's a fearful situation," she said. "And I’m sure they pray every day that it doesn’t happen to them."  

A DISD spokesperson says the district's being proactive to ensure the safety of students and staff at Skyline. There will be additional support from central staff for hall monitoring through next week. They’re also working to have more meetings with parents to address behavioral issues and there will be a major focus to fill vacancies of hall monitors.  

"The state legislature has taken away a lot of options that teachers have when it comes to unruly disruptive volatile students," Honea said. "For a great degree, teachers’ hands are tied."  

DISD says they recently added an urban specialist to provide more mentoring to students. They wouldn't say how the student in the video was specifically disciplined, due to confidentiality issues.

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