Saturday, December 8, 2018

It begins: Party that wants to “make Spain great again” storms the polls

As Voice of Europe reported, for the first time in decades a right-wing party won seats in a large Spanish region.
By gaining 12 parliamentary seats in Andalusia, Vox shocked and gave a strong blow to Spain’s left.
For a lot of Spaniards the result of Santiago Abascal’s Vox came as a surprise, but probably not for the leader himself. We're "in step with what millions of Spaniards think," Abascal said earlier.
Polls since January this year show that Vox received 5 times more support in Spain. A recent poll even shows the party's at 10% of the vote. A SocioMétrica/El Español shows Vox at 11% support

"We stand for the same law-and-order and social conservative causes as Trump," Santiago Abascal, the leader of the movement says in an interview.
Like most conservative populist parties Vox focuses on reducing migration and Islamisation as it vows to "make Spain great again".
According to The Local, a leftist media outlet, Vox is here to stay in Spain and we'll hear more of them:
"The political shockwaves from Sunday night will be felt all around the country right through 2019 to the local, regional and European elections in May.
"Spain now has its own alt-right or national populist party and moves into 5-party politics territory.
"Not that the 4-party politics that came out of the 2015 elections was getting the country anywhere fast or better, but room for one more, it seems," columnist Matthew Bennett said.

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