Sunday, January 20, 2019

Austria Shaken After 4 Women Murdered in 8 Days (3 of them murdered by migrants)

Austria's been rocked by the murders of 4 women over a span of 8 days, with migrant suspects in 3 cases.
A 21-year-old, originally from Ethiopia and holding Spanish citizenship, is suspected of stabbing his own sister to death at Vienna's central train station on Tuesday. Police are searching for a motive and the man's now undergoing psychiatric evaluation, according to Kronen Zeitung.
On January 13, the body of 16-year-old Manuela K. was discovered by her mom under a pile of leaves in a park in Wiener Neustadt. She had reportedly been strangled.
Police arrested Yazan A., a 19-year-old Syrian migrant who was already known to police. Yazan had allegedly dated Manuela in the past and police were reportedly aware that he had harassed and abused her. Police say he confessed to the crime, but showed no remorse.
On January 9, Roland H. reportedly stabbed his former partner in front of a residential building in Krumbach, according to Kurier.
Silvia K. suffered 6 knife wounds and Roland was charged with her murder.
On January 8, an Austrian citizen of Turkish origin stabbed his wife at least 38 times in front of their kids, according to Compact.
"According to police, Senol D. is to be regarded as 'Islamist fundamentalist,'" Compact reports. "Since summer 2018, over 30 reports have been filed against him."
Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl has responded to the rash of killings, calling for changes to Austrian asylum law and a zero-tolerance policy for migrants who commit crimes.

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