Saturday, January 12, 2019

Illegal Alien Caught In Tennessee's a Serial Child-Rapist

COLUMBIA, Tennessee (WZTV) – A middle Tennessee repeat child rapist has been convicted for a 2nd time. On Wednesday, a jury found Juan Abrego-Chavez guilty of rape of a child and 2 counts of aggravated sexual battery. Assistant District Attorney Emily Crafton prosecuted the case.
Right now, Abrego-Chavez is serving a 30 year sentence for rape of a child after being convicted in a different case in Maury County last year. The district attorney estimates that there are several victims not known about. Abrego-Chavez has faced allegations from 4 young children already.
"Will they deport him? If he ever gets out, I hope they do," said District Attorney Brent Cooper. "My goal's to make sure that he never draws another breath as a free person."
Now, Abrego-Chavez faces another 24-64 years in prison for his latest child rape charge. He had a daughter of his own and her friends would come to the house where "Alfredo" as he was known, would prey on them.
"These other parents saw that and they recognized him and thought oh my gosh, our kids have been to his house," Cooper said. "We’re talking about a 6-year-old girl."
The illegal immigrant from Guatemala's been in the US for 16 years. He has lived in Texas, Florida, New York and Tennessee. Sentencing's expected to be set within 45 days, according to D.A. Brent Cooper. Cooper also confirmed Abrego-Chavez is an illegal immigrant.
"I’m certain there's more [victims] out there. Pedophiles, just by nature, they don’t just start doing this one day," Cooper said.

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