Sunday, January 13, 2019

Islamic State calls on Muslims to poison food Kate Middleton buys at supermarkets

TERRORISTS have threatened to poison Kate Middleton’s food in a sick new plot.  

A vile post sent on encrypted extremist site Telegram urged Isis fanatics to try to tamper with what she eats at her favourite supermarkets.  

They shared photos of the Duchess shopping, with a red X scrawled over her trolley, with the message: "We know what she eats – poison it!"  

There was also a chilling new threat against Prince George.  

A picture showed the tot holding Prince William’s hand beside a masked knife-wielding ISIS nut, alongside the words: "Rise of the kuffar" – that translates as "unbeliever".  

The messages prompted an exchange between dozens of fanatics on the chat room, detailing how to insert poison into food, where Kate's been spotted shopping. They also shared information on which stores Kate shops in.  

A security source told Daily Star Sunday the threat was being taken "very seriously".  

The hate message was posted on the same site used by Islamic State supporter Husnain Rashid to call on his followers to kill Kate and William’s son Prince George. Former mosque teacher Rashid, 32, is now serving life in jail over the plot. He also urged fanatics in some of the staggering 290,000 hate messages he sent on encrypted sites to poison tubs of ice cream in supermarkets across Britain.  

The Telegram instant messaging app has military grade encryption and was described as a "tool kit for terrorism" during Rashid’s trial.  

Our source said: "Intelligence agents believe the threats made against Kate aren't idle and are linked to messages sent by Husnain Rashid

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