Monday, January 14, 2019

Poll: America’s Approval Of Trump’s Border Wall at All-Time High

Despite the tirade of media attacks on President Trump and his bid for the southern border wall, a new poll has revealed that the silent majority of Americans backs him.  

Following a joint ABC News/Washington Post poll, more people support the President's wall, something he's promised since even before his presidency.  

34% of American citizens said they supported the US-Mexico border wall a year ago. But that number stands at 42%, the highest yet marked by similar polls. But it looks that a slight majority of Americans still don't back the idea of a wall, but overall, it seems that people are slowly coming round to Trump's perspective. "With 54%, the majority of Americans polled still oppose building a border wall," reported The Washington Examiner.  

"However, that opposition's shrinking, as 63% opposed the wall a year ago and the previous low was 60% 2 years ago." "53% in the national survey said that Trump and the GOP are mainly responsible for the shutdown, while 29% blamed congressional Democrats," ABC News reported.  

"13% said both equally are at fault." Last week, we reported the Pentagon was already making preparations in the event of President Donald Trump ordering the military to build the southern wall, a defense official has said. Trump recently hinted that he might take this course of action in the light of an impasse in negotiations with Democrats resulting in the government shutdown. The President traveled to the border area to meet with law enforcement officials:  

"The damage was done to our country from a badly broken border — drugs, crime and so much that's bad — is far greater than a shutdown, which the Dems can easily fix as they come back to Washington!" he posted on Sunday.  

The poll also revealed that only a small percentage of Americans are inconvenienced by the partial government shutdown, despite left-leaning outlets doing their best to dominate the headlines.  

"Only 18% in this poll … said they’ve personally been affected by the partial shutdown," ABC News reported. But only 7% of Americans said it was a "major inconvenience."  

But as Western Journal reported: It raises a point that conservatives and libertarians have been asking for a while:  

If the vast majority of citizens can’t even tell the difference between the fully-funded government and one that's "partially shut down," why are we spending so much every year on the paychecks of bureaucrats?  

Every government shutdown's an exciting opportunity to ask just how much of the often bloated federal government's required and how much has grown too big for its britches.  

The real takeaway of this poll, however, is that the media spin just isn’t resonating with the American people. There's many examples of talking heads openly mocking the president’s stance on the border and acting as if he’s a man alone on this issue.

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