Tuesday, January 22, 2019

POLLS: Britons Reject 2nd Referendum, Prefer Clean Break with EU

Separate polls have revealed that in the majority, Britons want a clean break from the EU and reject calls for a second referendum.
An ICM poll of 2,046 adults found that the most popular option for a next step, at 28%, was for a "No Deal" Brexit where Britain ditches a soft Brexit deal with the EU and trades with the bloc on World Trade Organization (WTO) terms.
It was conducted between the 16th and 18th of January, after Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement had suffered a historic defeat in a House of Commons vote.
The Prime Pinister lost her vote largely due to dissatisfaction with the proposed Northern Irish backstop, that could see Northern Ireland locked into customs and regulatory alignment with the EU.
The poll results, seen by the left-liberal Guardian, also found that just 8% think Mrs May should try to find support in Parliament for her deal and only 11% wanted a General Election.
A separate poll of 1,021 British adults by establishment-progressive news network Sky News found that 56% oppose a 2nd referendum.
Mrs May's set to unveil her Brexit ‘Plan B’ on Monday afternoon, with voting set to take place on the 29th. While Remainers have been attempting to push for a softer Brexit, media reports her plan is expected to look very much like the deal Brexiteers rejected last week.
With European leaders and Eurocrats having said that they will not move their red lines on the backstop, May's also facing attempts to stop a WTO exit from the EU on March 29th — the default legal position if a deal isn't reached by March 29th — through parliamentary rules and amendments, with others plotting to hold a 2nd referendum.
Brexiteer Tory MP Boris Johnson warned Monday that the parliamentary plots could result in Britons developing a "vicious and unparalleled contempt for the whole political class" — and international trade secretary Liam Fox has warned that failing to respect the vote to leave the EU could unleash a "political tsunami" with "unknowable consequences" for the stability of country.

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