Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Spain: 14 Muslims arrested for jihad plot, friend says one “has never shown terrorist attitudes, doesn't even pray”

The Mossos d’Esquadra have carried out an antiterrorist operation on Tuesday morning in Barcelona and Igualada to dismantle a jihadist cell. The deployment, that involved a hundred troops, has received the name of Alexandria Operation and there are, for now, 14 detainees.
The investigated cell was formed by criminals who specialized in robberies and other petty crimes and who've been radicalized. It's a group of individuals who intended to perpetrate a terrorist attack.
Sources of the investigation, nevertheless, have assured El Nacional that the group of investigated people "did no have the will or ability" to perpetrate an attack. It's understood, then, that the investigation has deactivated a group of jihadists who began to make plans to commit an attack, but still hadn't accumulated enough ammunition.
Inside the building, no infrastructure or logistical network prepared to commit an attack has been found; nor has there been any evidence to show that a strategy was being followed to plan an attack on a specific site and day.
The Mossos confirm that there were 14 Germans arrested, 1 of them in Igualada.
The searches of the houses of the investigated began before 6 in the morning and one of them, who was arrested on Arc de Sant Cristòfol Street in the neighborhood of Santa Caterina, is suspected to be the head of the cell.
The Mossos have also taken material confiscated from an Arco de Sant Cristòfol apartment in the district of La Ribera.
The detainee’s roommate, who was present at the time of the searches, explained that the police officers entered the building when it was only a few minutes before 5 in the morning. They've lived together in this apartment for a year.
The witness has detailed that the agents didn't know their names and has insisted that his partner "has never shown terrorist attitudes." "He doesn't even pray", he assured reporters. Of course, according to the partner, the arrested man had been arrested previously for "stealing wallets." This roommate also explains that the detainee's of Algerian nationality, has been living in Barcelona for 9 years and is 34 years old

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